Earthquake swarm reported at California’s Coso Volcanic Field
December 4, 2012CALIFORNIA An energetic earthquake swarm centered beneath rhyolite domes in the Coso Volcanic Field (CA) continues, with over 20 earthquakes ranging between M1 and M3 so far today. Many smaller events (hundreds) are recorde as well. The swarm initiated on 27 November and has included earthquakes as large as M3.7. The Coso Volcanic Field is located in Inyo County, California, at the western edge of the Basin and Range geologic province and northern region of the Mojave Desert. The Coso Volcanic Field is one of the most seismically active regions in the United States, producing dozens of tremors in the M1 and M2 range each week. Tremors in the M3 range occur at a rate of 2-6 per month and M4 quakes occur two-three times each year. Recent activity in the M5 range happened in 1996 and 1998 when tremors of M5.3, M5.1, M5.2, and M5.0 occurred with a day of each other. These tremors were actually recorded along the eastern side of the Coso Volcanic Field, 15 miles (24 km). September 30, 2009 to October 6, 2009 there have been 429 earthquakes ranging from 0.1 up to a 5.2. Some days have activity just about one every minute. On October 2, 2009 there were three earthquakes (5.2, 4.7, and a 4.9) all within one hour of each other. Earthquake swarms are common in the Coso area, often producing hundreds of tremors over periods of time as short as a few days. This kind of brisk and robust seismic activity is common in volcanic areas, such as Long Valley Caldera located near Mammoth Lakes, and Yellowstone Caldera at Yellowstone. Geologists say the last eruption of the volcanic fields occurred 30 to 40,000 years ago. –Earthquake Report, Wikipedia
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13 Responses to Earthquake swarm reported at California’s Coso Volcanic Field

  1. Kerry says:

    Earthquake here in Maine today! not on USGS though- not sure of the strength- things are speeding up everywhere….


  2. Nobby Clarke 'Adelaide South Australia' says:

    This is starting to sound a might disconcerting don’t you think,hundreds of Earthquakes and volcanic activity within the last few months?. Finger’s crossed everyone that the Mayans calender really had another one after the one they say ends,like NASA said Ours ends in December and starts again on January ,Theirs may end on 21-12-2012 and starts again on 22-12-2012.
    For the sake of the Kids I hope I’m right.
    cheers all and be good to each other no matter what or who or whatever religion
    Merry Christmas to everyone on this Great Planet .
    In Auz


  3. Irene C says:

    Well,my first thought is “this isn’t good”, but then this could just be benign rumbling. Yes, I’m ever the optimist. 🙂


  4. Dipak says:

    Alvin, most of the articles on earthquakes mention ‘earthquake swarms are common in the area’ or the area is in a ‘seismic zone’. The above article also states ‘recent activity in the M5 range happened in 1996 and 1998 when tremors of M5.3, M5.1, M5.2 and M5.0 occured within a day of each other’. How can we now say that there is an upswing in earthquake activity? A little confusing!! Also I am missing reading the comments of the EP family. There are fewer being posted nowadays. Take care and God Bless.


    • We can see the evidence around. It seems, now, every country is under the curse and plague of increased quakes and many of these swarms are gnawing at the placidity of volcanoes long thought inactive or dormant. New Zealand has seen activity at three volcanoes in the span of 11 months. We can’t blame everything on fraking or isostatic adjustments anymore.

      God bless


    • Pete says:

      Dipak, I agree. I too miss the comments..

      I believe the EP family is busy preparing .. I can testify that these days there is not much to say or add … Just waiting for our Lord and Savior!


  5. Warren H. says:

    What confuses me is why so much build up? Are these mere warnings so we have a chance to get to safer ground? Or is he toying with us to see how much faith we really have that he will protect those deemed worthy in the end??


    • Magenta says:

      Warren, I think both thoughts are true. Most of us sense something beyond our comprehension is going to happen. That kind of anxiety is unnerving! Find the peace that surpasses all understanding. Cast your cares on the Lord.


  6. Pete says:

    To Warren H. Do not fear God is not toying with us to test our faith. Throughout scripture we have been told of what was to come. What we see now is the fulfillment of His word. The bible is God’s promise to the world. At the highest level the means by which salvation came to the world through His son Jesus Christ. At the level of natural events today to demonstrate to the world that His word is they way. I look at the signs of nature today in the same light as the signs and wonders of the Old Testiment. He tells us all through the bible what these last days would be like. Today, you and I are living in the times spoke of so long ago. View them as His fulfilling His promises of what will occur in the natural world. Take comfort and strength in this for how much more will His promise of salvation come to pass. These events are not a test of faith but a tribute to our faith in a God that keeps all His promises.


  7. Eric says:

    I have been watching California earthquakes daily for 15 years. Prior to that I did my college senior thesis on Eastern California geology. One of the previous Coso swarms in the last 10 years was impressive, with 1600 earthquakes during one week, but this level of activity is normal. BTW, the cone and volcanic rocks shown in the photo of Coso are basalt, not rhyolite.


  8. Emanni says:

    December 11, 2012
    Hundreds of squid wash onto Santa Cruz shores

    December 12, 2012
    Thousands of Humboldt Squid found dead on 12 mile stretch of California coast.


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