Japanese tunnel leading to Mt. Fuji collapses, killing 9

December 2, 2012JAPAN Japanese highway police found “several” burned bodies inside a vehicle after a tunnel collapsed about 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Tokyo. At least two cars remained trapped Sunday after the tunnel collapse, according to the East Yamanashi Fire Department. Fire officials said the section of concrete that fell was about 50 to 60 meters long and about 20 centimeters (8 inches) thick. The cause of the collapse was not immediately clear, nor was the total number of people affected. The Sasago tunnel is on the Chuo Expressway. The cave-in occurred on the Tokyo-bound lanes, Otsuki police said. The road was temporarily closed, and authorities were working to rescue victims, police said. Japanese public broadcaster NHK aired images from the tunnel, showing smoke rising and a blue car with its side smashed in. Emergency vehicles were on scene. A journalist from NHK was driving through the tunnel at the time of the collapse. He told the broadcaster his car was damaged, but he was able to make it out unhurt. –CNN
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11 Responses to Japanese tunnel leading to Mt. Fuji collapses, killing 9

  1. krystal says:

    I’m curious what leads to the collapse? It is strange that they are not saying what is causing it. Or maybe they did, and I overlooked it.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Just a thought………..Wonder if the recent reports of seismic activity under this mountain contributed to this event?


  3. Glenn Rice says:

    Could be a warning sign for a Mt. Fuji eruption. These things do continue to build up. Thanks for a great site to read of these tremblings. Blessings in Christ the Savior to all.


  4. Irene C says:

    Two things that give me anxiety – long bridges and long tunnels; both for possible structural collapse and earthquakes. And I’ve driven on/through some long ones. Now I wonder if all of the earthquakes they’ve been having could have caused weakening resulting in a structural collapse.


  5. Horrible 😦 But hopefully a man made fault and not a sign of something worse to come…


  6. Eric says:

    John Paul Jackson prophesied about several major disasters that would occur 2010 – 2020, and here are three: One was a hurricane that would hit the US with a 500-mile storm surge (obviously, Hurricane Sandy). Also prophesied that Mt. Fuji would erupt. Another was that meteorologists would have to come up with another classification for tornadoes, because tornadoes were coming that pack 350 mph winds, turning automobiles into projectiles. He then said these would continue to get worse until a sustained outcry from the Christian community implored him to stop (judgement begins in the house of God).

    Sandy came, looks like Mt. Fuji could be next.


  7. joe says:

    i went through that tunnel years ago and water was dripping from the ceiling between the panels. No mystery to me. That and the spectacularly corrupt Japanese construction industry.


  8. Kevin says:

    Get ready for the media cock and bull cover ups…I urge everyone to ignore the media, I.e tv news shows ect and do your own research on why these events are happening. Sites like this are a good starting point for finding out some events which the tv media “forget” to mention. Look to ancient history,so called ancient myths and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Events are cyclical and we are due a cyclical episode over theses next couple of years. Get ready everyone and god speed!!


  9. Chicoutimi, Qc, Canada says:

    Kevin, I agree with you. People don’t seem to understand that all these events have occurred before; perhaps thousands of years ago but nevertheless. And if nature’s ready for gigantic changes it will just do so, whether we want to or not!


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