Northern California lashed by successive waves of potent storm systems
December 1, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO The second in a series of storms slammed Northern California on Friday as heavy rain and strong winds knocked out power, tied up traffic and caused flooding along some stretches. The weather also may be behind the death of a Pacific Gas & Electric worker in West Sacramento who was killed after his truck crashed into a traffic signal pole during the stormy weather. Flights were delayed at San Francisco’s airport, and in the city’s affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood, traffic was blocked for hours after a large tree crashed down, smashing a car and obstructing a busy street. A flash flood watch will remain in effect for most of the San Francisco Bay Area extending to the Santa Cruz Mountains throughout the weekend. A constant barrage of downpours could lead to standing water and overflowing drains, said Diana Henderson, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Monterey. The North Bay was seemingly hit the hardest, as parts of Sonoma County received more than 7 inches of rain and areas in Napa County received nearly 6 inches, Henderson said. “It’s not a super storm by any measure, but this is pretty significant,” Henderson said. “We should see periods of moderate to heavy rains.” With rain expected all weekend long, Tony Negro, a contractor from Penngrove, Calif., in Sonoma County, said he is worried about water flooding his workshop. “I’m on my way to get some sand bags,” he said. Thousands of people were without power in that area after an outage that also affected the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The suspension span of the bridge was briefly in the dark as traffic was backed up longer than usual because of rain and strong wind gusts. Also, a mudslide shut down a stretch of Highway 84 east of Fremont, the California Highway Patrol reported. There was no estimate on when it would reopen. –Seattle PI
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6 Responses to Northern California lashed by successive waves of potent storm systems

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I read on the internet that certain mountain ranges in Californa could receive anywhere from 10-30
    feet of snow in the higher elevations.
    Another term I have heard about this storm is term “arkstorm”.


    • Michele B says:

      I’m in California and it’s true. My understanding is that the ARkStorm is somewhat theoretic. But it makes a lot of sense. What do think, Alvin?

      ARk is an acronym for atmospheric river 1000. Also a storm of biblical proportions.


  2. Irene C says:

    These storms are just nasty. Landslides are going to be a big problem. Praying for these people.


  3. Wendy says:

    I live below the Santa Cruz mountains and nothing has happened. All rivers are normal and winds were fun and strong, not scary. Ocean is filthy from the run off. I think our demise will be a quake and tsunami. As off Dec 2nd, 5:00 a.m. all is wet here, but normal……now that I’ve said it, the weather will probably go wild!!


  4. onthemark55 says:

    If this type of weather pattern stays for any length of time, years/decade, the N.W. may meet it’s “Waterloo”(pun intended). This weather pattern reminds me of the 60’s, wet,windy, heavy snow pack in the mountains, spring flooding from snow melt runoff. N.W. Oregon experienced the Columbus Day Storm. 100+ mph winds in 1962, a major flood in the Columbia and Willamette river basins in 1964. They were the highlights of a very wet/windy decade. The problem now is,with the huge population growth and paving over the land that absorbed most of the rain, it’s all being diverted into and overwelming the waterways. Since most of the sewage systems were designed to carry ground water(street drains, home gutters,etc) in the same pipes, were seeing sewage plants flooding and overflowing raw sewage into the rivers. Cities have resorted to reducing water/sewage bills to homeowners if they disconnect their rain drains from the system to reduce water flow. Now were seeing homes with basements flooding, water standing under crawl spaces which leads to water damage, mold issues. “Arkstorms” may be right “onthemark”(fun intended).


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