NASA scientists dismiss December 21, 2012 end-of-the-world fears
December 1, 2012WORLD Five NASA scientists took time out yesterday to assure the public that the world will not end on 21 December. The astroboffins dismissed claims that a rogue planet called Nibiru will smash into the earth in three weeks time, killing us all. The planetary smash-up just before Christmas 2012 was allegedly predicted by the Mayans. A wave of letters and emails from worried Americans has prompted NASA to pull together some of its top brass in a Google Hangout and make them answer questions from the public. Doomsday, one possible scenario for 21 December 2012. “This is just manufactured fantasy,” said David Morrison, an astrobiologist from NASA’s Ames Research Center, “but the truth is that many people are worried about it and many of those people do write to NASA.” In particular I’m concerned about the young people who write to me and say they are terribly afraid, they say they can’t sleep, they can’t eat. Some of them have said they are contemplating suicide. So while it’s a joke to many people and a mystery to others, there is a core of people who are truly concerned. NASA has tried to dampen fears about December 2012 several times over the past few years, in 2009 and in 2011, for example, it quelled suggestions the earth would be destroyed by a mega volcano in the last few weeks of 2012. The brainiacs answered a range of questions from the public, including “Is NASA predicting a total blackout of the earth from the 21st – 23rd December?” No, said Mitzi Adams, a solar/archaeoastronomer from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. She elaborated: There’s nothing we know of physically that would allow the Sun to switch off for three days and then switch back on. As for Nibiru – the legendary planet which the Mayans believed had a “3,600-year-long orbit of the Sun” – smashing us to bits in three weeks’ time, David Morrison of the Ames Centre said: It makes no sense, because if it was there we could see it. We’d have been tracking it for a decade or so. And by now, it would be the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon. You can dispel this rumour yourself, just go out and look at the sky. –Register
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30 Responses to NASA scientists dismiss December 21, 2012 end-of-the-world fears

  1. john says:

    The fact that nasa say its not the end of the world does not prove a thing. I already know its not the end of the world that was just the crazies spouting their usual mad stories without thinking. The fact of the matter is that change is coming and not in a good way and will probably take a few months to a year until we actually see the effects. Everyone has their opinion but after superstorm sandy hit NYC this year people need to take notice and realise the earth is a little peeved right now and is going to lash back.


  2. cathy says:

    I saw this story on the news last night. What I find interesting is, 1. NASA say’s there is nothing to worry about….but, they don’t offer any explanation as to the increase in all the earthquakes, volcano activity, or crazy weather patterns we are seeing. And 2. I don’t trust that NASA would tell us the truth of what’s going on if they knew. I don’t think the world is going to end in Dec. of this year either. God alone has the time for that. But, SOMEthing is causing all the planetary upheaval, which is progressing at warp speed. I’ve wondered if there was some truth to an outside planetary body causing all the damage in our solar system. I guess we’ll see.


    • gualm b. says:

      I just feel we have this unusual alignment that only happens every 26,000 years and we don’t know what will happen; NASA doesn’t either. So they should not say nothing will happen. Doesn’t mean the end of the world but there could be a plethora of other things that can put our planet in chaos. So, only time will tell. All these things are happening like the increase in volcanic and earthquake activity, large numbers of sea and air creatures are just dying in mass. Just recently in my city numerous children around the age of 3 were in the emergency due to an inversion in the air. They could not breathe and this included a friend of mines child who never had any prior respiratory problems. The day before this happened in the same part of the city numerous carbon monoxide detectors went off. They mentioned this but not the issue w the children. People better wake-up. You notice with all these incidents there is never any media follow-up, never scientific follow-up but just lame excuses as the birds just didn’t see the building, hit it and died (incident inn Florida). Mm – really – how many buildings do birds pass each day, skyscrapers, etc. and I have never seen 100 birds dead in front of them.. !!!


  3. Valerie Ann says:

    The thing is I have been looking up in the sky for this thing near or around that sun. However, every day for the last month they have been spraying chemtrails around the sun in the morning, afternoon and evening. I have videos show this!!!! NASA also cannot predict earthquakes either. Neither can USGS. So nasa does not know what is going to happen on an day! I am not saying this is going to happen on Dec 21, 2012, but they cannot say WHEN it will happen, but it will.


    • Bella says:

      The “chem-trails” have been happening for YEARS!! I’ve seen it just about every day, several times daily/nightly for the last couple of years…however, when I began questioning it I did some research and found that I have family members who have been researching this issue for many many years.
      Nasa may not know exactly what will happen on that day, but yes there is a planetary allignment happening and as they said they have been tracking the planet that is said to be the one that “destroys” us, and as the tides are effected by the moon, the rest of the world is effected by these things as well. It’s all cyclical. Weird things are happening yes…and the truth of it is, if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen whether we all freak out about it or not.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    The greatest disaster that could occur on 12.21.12 is that no type of event occurs and then people grow cold and indifferent. I do not believe the world will end on 12.21.12.
    I remember Y2K as many of you do. Too many wolf calls wear people out and makes them less aware. But, suppose an event does occur, no real damage and a minor disruption. Scientists will blow it off and the world continue as if nothing has/will happen and then……well surprise…….
    Regardless, The people of the world, especially the USA need to be on guard for internal issues
    that is going to disrupt daily lives such as economic and social breakdowns.
    As had been mentioned time and time again, families need to come together and bond, share resources.
    And, and, I would not believe Nasa,
    What people need to understand is that although one of the thesis state of this site is “The world is getting ready to change,will you be ready for it?” That, I think speaks from a scientific viewpoint, which is true, on the other hand the world is dying from the corruption of sin,original sin and it seems that it is reaching its fullness.
    After some thought regarding the noises being reported world wide,I believe it is the earth in tribulation from original sin………..groaning
    just an opinion…………..


  5. while I don’t necessarily believe in date setting, this is rather worrisome as I’ve found that when they say “Nothing to see here, move along, everything’s fine,” Look out! I do believe that things are unraveling at an alarming rate, and it’s time to put your house in order so to speak. Thanks again Alvin and God bless. Praying for all those who refuse to see the truth. I’m reblogging and sharing as fast as I can.


  6. A Stick in the Mud says:

    I like this site because it brings a lot of information together in one place that I would ordinarily have to go searching for. The down side of this site is all the crazies that come with it. Maybe not you reading this now, but you know they’re on here, just waiting to pounce on new information that adds to their paranoia. I think what peeps should realise is that the incidence of natural events such as earthquakes happening is directly proportional to the frequency that we receive news from around the world now. I have to laugh that no one can see the correlation between the speed at which we hear of news from OS and the increase in “bad” things happening around the world. Now that every man and his dog has a camera and internet access and every University has remote sensors and direct feeds, everyone, everywhere can get the news from everywhere else. At no point has anyone bothered to remind anyone of this fact. By all means, be as paranoid as you see fit but just remember that fear far outsells hope and happiness, just be aware that the biggest cover up that you are a part of is the covering up of all the good things that are happening in the world at this very moment. You probably won’t hear about much of it because it does not sell as well.


  7. Irene C says:

    The interesting thing is, I’ve been watching programs today about 2012. But unless God says differently, I plan to be here on 12-22-12. That being said, earth changes are happening and things are going to get rough, regardless of what NASA says. They are only saying what they are told to say. We have to keep the sheeple sedated.


  8. Rick says:

    Alfonso, the blue star kachina is a Hopi prophecy, not a Mayan one.


  9. ron says:

    I presume the announcement was made from their underground bunker in Denver.


  10. nanoduck says:

    The world is not going to end. Perhaps not for another billion years, give or take. However, I do believe that 12.21.2012 marks an definite end of an age, and the beginning of a new one. My feeling is that the level of changes will accelerate exponentially in a parabolic fashion and continue for few more years until something major happens like a pole shift. I do not think anything major would happen on that date, but only time will tell if I am right or wrong.


  11. Wiseguy says:

    We are already living slowly the END of OUR WORLD, Sandy storm, floods everywhere, and the most significant… In my area (Montreal, Canada) it’s raining in December again and again, no snow on the ground, this is the end for us Winter Sports Lovers !!! I’m not kidding, our country use to be a cold and snowy one, not anymore, I’m feeling so depress, only grey sky, grey trees with no leaves… I’m so sad my daughter will never live a real winter anymore…


    • Kathleen Kerfont says:

      I know what you mean Wiseguy…we live 1 hour north of Toronto, and no snow! Yesterday was 15 celsius, or 62 fahrenheit, what is with that?!!! It has been very depressing lately, so gray, much more then normal…and the sky hasn’t felt right for awhile. I know that sounds crazy…but, it just looks different.


  12. Wright says:

    It doesn’t matter what NASA says, people will still believe it–natural selection I suppose, here’s a funny article


  13. If it happens it happens no one knows anything or can say it will or won’t nasa are just normal people like us but get payed more for getting things wrong or spotting things a few days before it happens …. If it does it does


  14. Kwazai says:

    not sure how it actually plays into this-
    2004 was its closest point. every four years like the olympics. 7 years passed in 2011(tipping point?) since its closest. toutatis 4179
    does this look bearded?

    all of his related predictions were for the mess to hit the fan after it passes(souls loosed from hell, etc.). Its more a matter of mans’ choices (the nature of the beast) I’m sure.

    food for thought at least. prayer is the only thing that actually works (to be shortened…).


  15. mtnwolf63 says:

    NASA managers debunked the leaky “O” ring theory too. Seven astronauts paid with their lives.


  16. Bert Fannin says:

    If a catastrophic event is going to take place, and I personally do not think December 21 will bring any such thing, then there is little that we can do about it. Thrashing around, paralyzed by fear, does little good,and is a waste of time. We all have to live our lives day to day. that is what I am going to do, live my life day to day.


  17. Kathleen Kerfont says:

    I don’t believe anything that Nasa says, and even more so…it is what they DON’T say that bothers me. That being said, I don’t believe that it will be the end of the world, but I do think that we could be in for a rough ride. I don’t think that it will definitely be on the 21st that things go crazy…but, I am not all too sure either. I feel that SOMETHING is going to happen, whether that be we lose power from solar storms, or we have a polar shift which could set off all kinds of catastrophic events, or….who knows? Aliens? That would have sounded very science fiction to me at one time, but now…I am not so sure. All I know is that we are stocking up on food, water, wood, candles, etc., preparing a bug out bag in case we have to leave quickly… and hoping for the best. I am sending my best thoughts out to all of you, and hope that you at least prepare some extra food and water just in case needed. Let’s all try and think positive thoughts! 🙂


  18. sirwan says:

    I believe 21 december 2012 will not be end of the planet, because I have a lote of plans did not complete yet in my life.


  19. Katie says:

    The news said it was cancelled too…
    sucks for all the movies and shows that they made about it


  20. Johhny Boy says:

    Seriously, how can you try to make a serious comment on scientific and astronomical events when you even mention “god” people.. if you enjoy believing in the talking snake and the end of the world, go to some fanatic cult of a website and post there, don’t disturb others with you blabber.. hilarious hillbillies


  21. Nazar Joya says:

    Bless all the world.


  22. God'sxChild says:

    No man knoweth the time or day .I do not believe the world may end on dec.21.2012 .Only god know ❤


  23. Lilli says:

    Seriously guys this whole thing has been blown out of proportion by Internet trolls people are committing suicide because of this if anything were to hit us amateurs would’ve picked it up by now The goverment cant keep everyone quiet and there are no alignments due around this time


  24. Frank says:

    Ok. The world is not gonna end… But will there be any changes???


  25. Christian says:

    Like u need to be a nasa scientist to know this rofl


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