Upswing in earthquakes in the Long Valley caldera region of California

November 29, 2012 CALIFORNIAAn upswing in California earthquakes has some people questioning the health of the fault lines. Long Valley Caldera to Mammoth Mountain are swarming at the same time. Earthquakes are the normal in California, however within the last week an upswing in activity has been noted. The Long Valley Caldera is showing signs that magma is indeed moving down there. The Long Valley Caldera is something that is dismissed due to the Yellowstone Super Volcano. There is evidence in the past that the Long Valley Caldera is more dangerous than Yellowstone, and just a stone’s throw away from the populated regions of Southern California. The caldera is just north of Ridgecrest off of Highway 395 and activity has been spiking within the last week. “We don’t think much is going on there, but it is being monitored,” said the USGS. “We have teams in the area and have just recently finished a study on the area.” So while no one can predict what will happen, just as Yellowstone, the Long Valley Caldera is considered a super volcano that can go off at anytime. “We’ve notice an increase in 2s and 3s across California as well, with poppers across Southern California,” said Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin. “This usually means we are going to have the stress released soon in the area. What is also interesting is Long Valley and Mammoth Mountain activity is happening at the same time. This is real interesting.” According to Jim Berkland, a retired geologist, Full Moons usually generate large earthquakes due to the tidal forces. There is a lunar eclipse tonight so the moon can’t get any fuller. –The Weather Space
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9 Responses to Upswing in earthquakes in the Long Valley caldera region of California

  1. Belinda says:

    I wonder if people in California are taking this serious ….Precursors are increasing .


    • unclearron says:

      Some Californians are very aware but unfortunatly it doesn’t come down to whether people are aware, but instead whether they care. I have lived in northern Cali all my life and I have been watching global earthquakes daily for almost 2 years now. This region is definatly seeing unpresidented upticks in earthquakes (especially on the Juan Defuca plate) but when I tell people about it and show them statistical and historical facts they always say “I have been told the big one is coming all my life, this is just normal for California.” The irony here is it has become a bit of boy who cried wolf and global ignorance. No one I talk to has the slightest clue what normal even is. No one I have met watches recent earthquakes , has any idea of historical trends, and yet everyone I talk to seems to be an Earthquake expert just because they live in California. Everyone here has been told for so long a big one is coming that that its almost just myth and legend now, people just don’t believe it will happen in their lifetime.

      The problem is that in order to understand what is happening you not only have to monitor global quakes but you also need to have a very basic knowledge of how these plates interact with each other. Instead Californians are generally focused on what they see out their windows. We have this false ideology here that since we live in California that everyone is an earthquake veteran. We don’t really care if it rattles and rolls, been there done that. Although when you really dig down most people I meet (when truly asked) have never felt a quake above a 5.0. Everyone is just waiting for the USGS to tell them what to do and when to do it, yet they don’t understand that the USGS does not predict earthquakes and most likely this warning will be too little to late. Even this article will not even be a blip in the radar for most.

      I was in the SF 89 earthquake that hit a whopping 6.9, talk about a bizzare experience. Yet people don’t realize that both Cascadia and San Andrea’s are way over due and capable of producing a 9 or higher. People just don’t realize what kind of impact a quake that size can have and to be honest, I don’t believe anyone cares. I am not saying be fearful in any way (fear solves nothing), just be informed and have the basic of supplies, but sadly I don’t see this.


  2. Irene C says:

    This isn’t good. It’s true that many people dismiss the Long Valley caldera and concentrate more on Yellowstone. Kevin Martin lives in CA so I know that he would be keeping an eye on this area.


  3. Hopefully it won’t be the dreaded one we all know is coming. If and when it happens, many will surely die!


  4. Reblogged this on bearspawprint and commented:

    Several other volcanoes ae stirring, and/or erupting now, also. Let us hope and pray that Long Valley goes back to sleep. Or that at the most a geologic burp, Please not an all out Super Volconoe Eruption. Magma movement says that area residents should be making plans to move themselves and belongings and animals, while it is not an emergency evacuation. Or, rather, that is what it says to me. I don’t live there, and I am not an expert, but I don’t wish a super volcanoe on anyone.


  5. scott says:

    Those in the fields of scientific/geology have failed to update the public in regards to their dating processes. The process’s themselves are not flawed, but the assumptions that are factored into them are. Within the last few years they have developed different and “better” dating methods that have shown that some of the lava fields in various volcanic areas that were considered “dormant” are not near as old as they have lead you to believe. The older dating processes are very inaccurate to the point that they have been fictious and outright lies. This inaccuracies have just promoted their “evolutionary” agendas. Any truth lead geology student has observed the inconsistancies in the field, I have.


  6. mulle says:

    So Japan, New Zealand have major volcanic activity atm, Yellow Stone has been upgraded, the Pacific Plate has been furios & agravating the New Madrid.

    Three planets will align with the Pyramids on the 3rd for the first time in over 2000 years.



  7. Gmendoza says:

    As a Geologist, I’ve got a few things to say.
    1. Long valley’s magma chamber is basically all crystallized. There is a potential for an eruption only if very large volumes of molten rock and volatiles become embedded in the system. If it does erupt, it will likely just make a small glass dome or cinder cone; pretty to look at but hardly dangerous (save for the volcanic gasses)
    2. The Yellowstone eruption was larger than anything in the last 6 million years (save for Toba @ 76kya), so the Long Valley Caldera is NOT more dangerous than Yellowstone.
    3. Right now the Culture inside the Long Valley and Mammoth lakes area is pretty hostile to geologists. During the rumblings around 1986, there were several geologists threatened and run out of town from mammoth lakes because the press on the earthquake storms there was driving housing prices down. Very smart.. run out the only people who can accurately quantify the risks and do science -_-.
    4. Although all earthquakes are due to earth movement, and that likely along tabular fractures, it is very likely that the earthquakes we see right now in long valley are due to magma migration, and not reactivation of ‘california’s big faults.’ Magma chambers like long valley tend to have lots of activity ( burbs, belches, rumblings, shifts) and does not necessarily mean than an eruption is imminent.
    Rant done.. phew. Ok back to sleep


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