Residents on alert, as Santiaguito volcano blows its top in Guatemala

November 29, 2012 GUATAMALA – Guatemala on alert as the Santiaguito volcano (Santa  María) dumps plumes of smoke and ash over nearby communities, coating cars and houses in grey dust. –Yahoo News 
Strong eruption: The Santiaguito volcano, in western Guatemala, erupted today with “very strong,” with the release of smoke and ash at high altitudes, so the agency has recommended Meteorology restrict air traffic in the area. So far there is no need for an evacuation of the villages closest to the volcano, which is located about 227 kilometers from Guatemala City. The director of the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh), Eddy Sanchez, reported that the activity of the volcano at 2,550 meters, and located in the department of Quetzaltenango, started at about 5.30 local time (11.30 GMT ). Sanchez added that the sand and volcanic ash is dispersed within at least a 4 kilometers radius of the volcano. “There is a crater collapse, pyroclastic flows, and notice has already been given to Civil Aviation to restrict air operations in that region,” said the director of the local radio Insivumeh. He also reported they warned the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad) to take the necessary precautions. Sanchez said the eruption of Santiaguito will last for several hours and urged people to stock up surrounding drinking water because the sand and volcanic ash can contaminate streams that may be harmful to health. The sand and ash has fallen in populations of the departments of Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu, where they can be affected coffee plantations, according to Sanchez. The volunteer fire departments of these two departments have declared orange alert or prevention, while experts Conrad Insivumeh and keep a constant eye on the evolution of the eruption. –EFE  (translated)
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20 Responses to Residents on alert, as Santiaguito volcano blows its top in Guatemala

  1. Angelsong says:

    It appears that Sakurajima also had an explosive event today…

    God Bless!


  2. skywalker says:

    is that 6 volcanoes in 24 hours …..impressive display


  3. SOSO says:

    It was quite for a heartbeat… and now – here we go.


  4. It’s definately gearing up for something, isn’t it?


  5. Brandon says:

    I just read a yahoo news article saying that the Kilaeu volcano in Hawaii is erupting and that even though it has been erupting since 1983 this particular dangerous event is catching global attention. So how many volcanoes have erupted within 24 hours?


  6. Amy says:

    Did a full moon/Jupiter conjunction have any influence?


  7. Belinda says:

    Has the planet had so many volcanos go off at the same time at this rate?


  8. norm says:

    Volcanoes are the way of GOD to replenish the much needed supply of CO2 the earth needs. The morons at the NWO are lying to us about carbon footprints on the global warming front. Without CO2 plants do not grow well and this is Satans attempt to starve the world of it’s most needed plant growing gasses,to starve us out. God is moved to make volcanoes go off to offset the foolishness of man and the god of this world’s messing with the balance.


    • Dr.Scott says:

      My company has studied CO2 in the atmosphere for 15 year…having the ability to accurately measure CO2 in the sub 1000 ppm is not something all air laboratories can do well…we perfected it early on. There has been considerable research and analysis of increased atmospheric CO2, without yet mentioning the specific effects of that increase, one has to come to the clarity that it truly is increasing.

      Scientists have been measuring the level of CO2 in the atmosphere at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii since the late 1950s. They have found an increase from 316 parts per million (ppm) in 1959 to 382 ppm in 2006, and I started measuring it around 360 ppm, they agree with my data in 2012…391 ppm. The unit ppm represents 1 part CO2 per 1 million parts air…the non -“air” scientist should know it takes a tremendous amount of a compound released to the atmosphere to move it globally just a single ppm.

      Rising CO2 levels are real, they are also in a small circle of scientist, considered leading changes in other areas, as in, increases in atmospheric moisture or how much moisture the atmosphere will hold. In percentage this increase in moisture has a much more significant contribution in the “insulator” and thus, on the GHG effect…reason tells me.

      Scientific reason or logic would suggest if you have an increase of atmospheric CO2, a increase of temperature would follow, that would then increase the atmospheric moisture (as we experience seasonally between winter and summer)…ie it holds more water…to me this is the missing information for the naysayer…truly understanding the science and not focused on the politics.

      Through analysis of the ice cores, scientists have learned that atmospheric CO2 levels and temperatures varied over the past; CO2 and temperature followed similar patterns. During the coldest periods, marked by maximum glacial coverage, CO2 concentrations hovered near 190 parts per million (ppm). When temperatures warmed and glaciers retreated, CO2 concentrations were much higher but never exceeded 300 ppm, making 391 ppm a new event…never measurably seen on earth.


  9. neeka says:

    I pray the BIG ones don’t awake :/


  10. Chynna says:

    I counted 11 volcano warning updates all within 3-4 mins of each other on my usgs app


  11. mike p says:


    I have posted many times before but never seem to make it through moderation. Is it possible that a fullmoom could help increase volcano activity? I was traveling from florida to pennsylvania pn wed into thurs and saw the largest fullmoon i think i can ever remember.?


    • Some small effect on the oceans of magma but the moon itself is not the catalyst for the increased volcanism. It will have a small effect on a phenomenon that will show inflamatory signs of change over time due to flucuations and changes taking place within the planet’s interior.

      Hope all is well



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