Fear of civil war as Congolese rebels march into Goma

November 21, 2012AFRICAAs most of the world has been focusing on ongoing conflict in Gaza, a geopolitical crisis of another sort is unfolding in central Africa where the rebel seizure of the substantial Congolese city of Goma could have grave consequences for the troubled region. “It’s just the beginning. We don’t know what will happen next and it has the potential to destabilize the Eastern Congo and the potential to destabilize the Congolese government depending on what the rebels decide to do next,” Severine Autesserre, an assistant professor of political science at Columbia University, told CBC News. The M23 rebels — soldiers who defected from the Congolese army — took control of the provincial capital of Goma and its international airport Tuesday, having met little resistance from government troops or the UN peacekeeping force stationed in the area. Thousands of residents from this part of the Democratic Republic of Congo had already fled as reports emerged of civilian casualties, abductions and destroyed property, sparking concerns of a full-out civil war like what had taken place a decade ago. Adding to the volatility is that neighboring Rwanda is accused of backing the rebels and supplying them with weapons. “People who live in Goma, they are really afraid, are very worried and have good reason to be,” said Autesserre, an expert on the African region. “Because whenever some kind of armed group takes over a city in the eastern Congo, it’s really bad news for people there. It means a lot of human rights violations. “If the rebel groups actually leave the city and the Congolese government troops take over the city again, you have another process of human rights violations, of targeted killings and revenge killings. That’s what happens every time you have a change of control of a city,” she said. –CBC News
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1 Response to Fear of civil war as Congolese rebels march into Goma

  1. Irene C says:

    Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom….


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