17 Responses to Bus blast in Tel Aviv dashes any quick hopes for peace in Israeli-Gaza conflict

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I want to say that I am way out in left field here, outside the main frame of thought, but as this situation slowly starts to unravel and escalate, we, the world could see the israelis come to a moment of extreme disgust and resolution and clear Sameria and Judea(west bank) and the gaza strip of all their problems doing whatever it takes………………
    Somehow, I sense we are coming to a point of no return and it is could get real nasty,far worst than we can think.


    • Irene C says:

      If you;re out in left field, then so am I. We currently have a “peace treaty”, (note the quotation marks) that is, of course, not signed. I wouldn’t want to bet on it. Hamas has vowed to wipe Israel off the map, as has the rest of Israel’s enemies. I agree that we are coming to a point of no return. There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes.


  2. sparrow59 says:

    Hillary Clinton to the rescue! She needs to just stay out of this and let Israel do what they need to do!


  3. Stefan says:

    Give peace a chance…please !


  4. Mike UK says:

    It’s going to get worse.


  5. archie1954 says:

    Madame Secretary Clinton is not a true party to these negotiations, the Egyptians are responsible for breaking the impasse. How could she be of any service as a mediator when she represents only one side?


  6. Ian says:

    So there is now a ‘peace’ and people will stop dying. Of course it’s great but unless there are honest and meaningful negotiations the fighting will start again. I have my doubs about the desire of the Palestinian leadership to agree a peace with Israel, imo they won’t accept a two state soluton, but a one state solution – Palestine.

    I do hope that I’m wrong.


  7. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    Peace cannot exist as long as Islam is so militant. They are anxiously waiting for the Mahdi (their idea of what the Messiah will be – which is a perfect description of how the bible describes the anti-christ). They believe that the Mahdi will come, only once Israel is obliterated. They are literally hell-bent on destruction, and desire death of Jews more than their own lives and their families lives.


  8. nicolas chong says:

    Israel CEASES and we FIRE !!



    • Truth seeker says:

      You mean just like the young unarmed boys Israeli soldiers shot? Don`t throw rocks in a glass house, Israel is nothing but a pure terror state with backup from U.S out to take over the middel east.. Latest polls, 70% of israeli people wants war.. That don`t sound like God`s people to me, more like something evil


      • You probably need to quit watching the government news agencies like cnn, CBS, msnbc, BBC. The 70% of Israeli’s you speak of did not want war as you speak of, they wanted the Government to continue until Hamas was either finished, or disarmed. They were very tired of the constant barrage of rockets from Hamas & gaza into southern Israel. Israel dropped leaflets, sent text messages to warn people to leave or stay clear of the border. But Hamas announced on their television and radio stations not to listen to Israel because they were just trying to scare. Hamas is know for shielding itself with the innocent. And if we were backing Israel (like we should have) we wouldn’t have turned them over to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. And I might add, obama gave complete control to Egypt’s muslim brotherhood for the eintire region. So read up Truth Seeker, the Truth will set you free. God Bless.


      • pagan66 says:

        Yes exactly, and thank you so very much for writing, it is so refreshing to see alternate opinions. I’ve prayed for many years that the veils of delusion & bondage shall be lifted from the eyes of the blinded masses before militant fundamentalist lunatics – be they Christian or Muslim or anybody else with a gun, bomb or chemicals with a religious agenda – destroy my Mother’s Earth and all Her creatures once & for all. They came damn near close to doing so several times before, came so close in obliterating any knowledge but their own but thankfully have never succeeded in totally wiping Her away. She will endure, of that I have always been certain. What? Do people actually believe that GOD wants their help in destroying Creation? Isnt God omnipotent, all powerful and all conquering? Why would a God of such awesome power demand so much bloodshed, adoration & blind obedience? Live and let be, mind your own, go back to Nature, look within & there you shall find your God.



      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist, you took the words right out of my mouth…


      • nicolas chong says:

        Truth seeker ,
        If you are a moslem , you might be right by saying that . As you believed that the Israeli is killing your brothers in Gaza .
        But if you are a non moslem , you are fulling bible prophesy by hating Israel .
        Now is your time to choose sides .


  9. pagan66 says:

    Alvin –
    Merry Christmas to you & yours Alvin & Peace & Love as always.


  10. phil says:

    some one tell nicolas chong that palastine is half christan .. its not just muslim blood on the hands of the greedy crooks terrorizing them…isreal = terrorist state.. they kill civilians and want the world to think they are a great peace loving country..
    when will america relize its involvment with such a terrorist state is the direct cause of all its “terrorist “casulties. once amwerica got invovled in the late 60s america has been a target.
    the more america backs teroorists the louder it cries ..
    palistine is only looking out for its self like any other nation. they do what they can with what they have.
    If we gave them (isreal)the state of texas that wouldnt be enought, the greedy pricks would want to anex the entire southern us and feel entitled to do so. . i would bet my last dollar that the same blood shed would happen here if some thief took lands belonging to another an build on it with out compensation for the land…who paid palastine for the initial lands granted to isreal?
    how much was given in return for the lands taken over the past few decades by the militant state of isreal for its expansion?
    they take land they take life they oppress others…much like a freeloader running one out of their own home..
    since 1967 america has brought the wrath of the middle east down upon themselves..its a point of greed not religion…
    these same attitudes prevail in our congress and government in general.. it all boils down to a groupe of people i cant name.with out getting labeled a racist . and their lust for power over others.
    and in their own history its one thing after another. for time in memorial,..since the pharow followed them into the desert..no they are gods chosen people and can take what they want with impunity. and thats caused thier persicution all along..
    americas continued involvment will be its down fall. its already cost us our constitution and thousands of lives as we move into a police state, being stripped of our rights .all in the name of security. because the government is on the take from people of influence who happen to belong to that groupe of greedy pricks..
    Id personally love to see a mushroom cloud over isreal. for all they have done to america, let alone what they have done to others.
    how quickly the world forgets the turkish aid floatilla and the twenty some unarmed civilians executed in international waters…from terrorists to modern day pirates i dont see a redeming feature in any of them..
    i read somewere that the people in power make more in a day of war then a year of peace.. greed dictates there will be war at all costs. oh yea poor isreal ,we should feel bad for what they have sown.
    We should feel bad for all the families who lost loved ones because of greed!
    its got little to do with religon.


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