High levels of radiation found in Fukushima’s fish

November 19, 2012 JAPAN Fish caught near Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant have radiation levels 100 times higher than normal, officials say. Japan’s Environment Ministry carried out a study that found fish caught near the plant had more radiation than fish caught elsewhere, RIA Novosti reported. The levels found ranged from 4,400 becquerels per kilogram to 11,400 becquerels per kilogram, against the maximum “safe” level of 100 becquerels per kilogram. The findings have prompted a government investigation into the physiological basis for contamination and why radiation readings in some specimens remain hundreds of times over the official safe limit, The Asahi Shimbun reported. The Council for Science and Technology Policy, a government panel, is to study why radiation levels in fish near the plant have not decreased since March. Researchers will analyze cesium levels in the fish’s otolith, a part of the inner ear. Researchers will measure cesium levels in contaminated seabed soil near the nuclear plant, in an effort to determine when the fish were contaminated. –Space Daily
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13 Responses to High levels of radiation found in Fukushima’s fish

  1. Bruce Michael Cowal says:

    Please, someone has to stop the fighting before it escalates into a third world war..from what I have been following on this website it seems that is our destiny, Is there no way to change what has been fortold ,or are we destined to be the bringers of our own extinction


  2. Irene C says:

    I was just watching a report on this on the news. Well, look at it this way, catching fish you don’t have to cook. 😉 Then again, I think I’ll pass.


  3. SOSO says:

    Every thing is contaminated !!! Still even more reason though to grow what we can and to buy local, demand local organic as much as possible, to jump off the Grid as often as possible.

    Since the earth shares the same air, the same waters – it all travels eventually – world wide it travels in the air, in the waters. We are all connected. Not one of us is uncontaminated. We are like one giant garbage dump and taking down everything innocent around us. And, it boils down to greed.

    A house polluted can not contain it’s inhabitants for long, and Earth is groaning. Perhaps we little parasites are about to get a cleansing. A body polluted cannot contain soul for long. A filthy temple cannot house a clean spirit. These of course are only my thoughts, shared by many I am sure. But they are my thoughts.


  4. George says:

    According to the latest report from Fairewinds Arnie Gundersen stated that fresh water fish are also very heavily contaminated and will be for decades. He also analyzed recent radiation readings in Japan and concluded that the contamination is not abating. Some soil samples taken from Tokyo would be considered hazardous nuclear waste if found on a nuclear reactor site.


  5. Canada says:

    I’ not surprised. There’s more than meets the eye here.


  6. niebo says:

    “. . .why radiation readings in some specimens remain hundreds of times over the official safe limit”? Oh, perhaps there remains a source of contamination?


  7. truefaith says:

    as the pools leak into ocean they have been simply refilling them. Our gov does not talk much about it cause of how many we have darn near identical to fukishima -sitting on unstable ground.Plus why fix something that will help depopulate the earth some……least i think that is their real thoughts about the situation. Thanks A for all the hard work and dedication on keeping us all informed.


  8. Roger says:

    I just find it sad that with all the break trough’s in science and technology we as a human race still find ways to screw up the world. There always has to be someone fighting,starving,or dieing in the world. Maybe its time that the earth takes back everything and heals it self and gets rid of the parasite that is harming it. MAN!!!


  9. onthemark55 says:

    Mankind signed it’s “death warrant” when we entered the nuclear age. We are not smart enough to design safe facilities or dispose of the waste safely or emotionally advanced enough to handle the destructive capabilities. My guess after further “research and study” the safe levels of radiation contamination will be raised and the crisis will be over


    • SOSO says:

      My husband says things similar to this too :)) But he says it is not because we are not smart, after all we are in the spirit of GOD, and we do have the knowledge to live correctly on earth. But that we are GREEDY and like sheep follow those in power. These are my thoughts too.

      We do have all the technology to live soft on Earth – but there is no money in it for the big dogs. If we all lived off the GRID how much money would be lost? OMG!!!! :))


  10. Phyllis says:

    they are never going to tell the truth about japan,or anything else for that mater,I too am ready for God to purge this earth by fire,man has become so wicked so full of hate for his fellow man,I have never seen so much hate like this till now,it is truly as the Bible said it would become,man is so selfish and so many now have no conscience,I hear so much about how people are torturing and killing innocent animals and you see how greedy and selfish man has become,and truly they call evil,good and good,evil,and here it is the supposed birthday of our lLord and Saviour and they tell us we cant have nativity scenes or say merry Christmas,i say Lord Jesus,come quickly!


  11. Stephen Pond says:

    Japan is built on volcanic rock, is it not? “Water molecules and contaminants migrate in water-saturated porous strata by diffusion in systems with small Péclet numbers. Natural porous rocks possess the anisotropy for diffusive transport along the percolated pore space. ”
    If the ground we live on is pourous, it will allow contaminants to slip through.


  12. Richard Schaefer says:

    Have all the dogs and cats been rescued?


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