25 Responses to Death toll in conflict spirals past 100: Hamas leader on truce prospects: “Maybe never”

  1. Mike UK says:

    All part of the international game of chess and the Palestinians are the sacrificial pawns (necessary) that will lead to the end of a nuclear armed state founded by terrorism. IMO.


    • Mike UK says:

      I’ve watched both of the BBC2 Hitler documentaries now and tonight’s one made me very uncomfortable regarding the current Israel/Palestine situation. The Jews, or should I say “Zionists”, appear to be going the same way as the Nazis did under Hitler, but against the Gentiles that they ‘might’ blame for the Holocaust and expulsion from their ‘Promised Land’?

      I’m pretty sure ‘true Jews’ are also uncomfortable about the situation as I am and would rather have waited until God reinstated them in their lands as promised, rather than impatiently preempt His will, as I perceive them to have done with Irgun. If so, it’s going to get worse.


    • Katherine says:

      Yes, Mike, I agree with you… This is just the beginning of a campaign that will culminate in an attack on Iran. Possibly Syria, Egpyt, Lebonan may also become involved by providing weapons support… And thereby becoming military targets for Israel…Once the world powers become entangled, I foresee a ww3 scenario…


  2. Mark Taylor says:

    I’d say there’s about a 95% chance of Israeli ground invasion. This is clearly a saturated bomb campaign that is the classic sign of a coming ground incursion. IDF feet on the ground very soon now. Not good. The political / radical / Islamic makeup of the ME has changed significantly since the last Israeli / Hamas dust up. Don’t expect Egypt / Syria / Iran to sit idly by this time….


    • Ezra says:

      Mark, I agree with you things are going to get much worse. Zechariah 12 tells us that Israel is going to destroy all of the surrounding nations in the end times. Whether this comes soon or a bit later only God knows. God gave this land to Abraham, and reiterated to Isaac and Jacob in Genesis. In Amos 9:15 God said, “I will plant them on their land and they will not again be routed out from their land, which I have given them,
      say’s the Lord your God”. We are living in an incredible time.


  3. Ezra says:

    The left wing media does all it can to put Israel in a bad light. These people have run the gauntlet of being hunted to death in pogroms all over the world for two thousand years. They have turned the desert into a garden, have the highest IQ of all nation groups on earth and their high tech inventions and discoveries have changed the world. They are the chosen people of the true God, they have produced for us the Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Disciples, the word of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The whole reason these people are so oppressed is spiritual. I for one bless them and long to see them prosper and find their true Messiah.


    • Giom (Mann) says:

      I’m agreeing 100% with you! I, and a bunch of my friends in SA, are praying for Israel. Gods will be done!


    • Sam M. says:

      Wow Ezra, you nailed it!!! Could not have been said better! Agree w/ everything and unfortunately it is spiritual, especially the hatred for the Jews & I don’t mean just arabs & muslims (e.g. comment by Mike UK). Doesn’t surprise me really, just another sign of the end that was prophecied by God through the prophets thousands of years ago !


  4. Rosa Lopes says:

    Hamas .You are a disgrace to humanity .Tell me what god do you worship? The true God is a god of love and not a murderer.so again I ask you .Who has given you the right to kill any of god’s Children? do you think that you are going to get away with it.Think again my friend .You and all your counterparts that set foot against Israel .will be crushed by the Hand of The Almighty god.!!! BELIEVE IT !!!.


    • Divine remedy, soul elixir ~ says:

      There is no singular God that goes around “crushing” anyone! I believe that is called the “Human” Governing Forces, NWO, Illuminati, the Hidden Agenda Puppet Masters.

      God the Supreme Force, The Most High is the Totality, The Universal Force that Permeates All that is. God doesn’t “crush” anyone. God is LOVE unbounded, Unconditional, Highest Vibrational resonance in Perfect Harmony with All of Existence. Seated within impartiality, the Overseer of All of Creation. The Field All in existence comes from & All in Existence returns to.
      In Gods eyes, no one is less worthy of the Deepest & Highest Love than anyone else, regardless of circumstance. It’s the Humans that create Disharmony through their ignorance & abandonment of The Giver of Life & redeemer of Souls. There is no duality within Divinity, that’s the Human experience. That which All will Awaken from in good time as everyone recognizes the Divinity within themselves is at One with the Almighty that Governs in Peace & Harmony All of Existence & that there is no one above, or below them for in Oneness with God, All is ONE.


      In Oneness with Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Shiva, Krishna whichever & whatever garment the Divine wears to reach out to the sincere heart. All are Blessed. Grace and Healing flows freely. Love is the Air we breathe & Divine Beauty & Radiance emanates from All that is. There is no Duality, no right or wrong, Judgment springs from the desire to control & from the lack of control, from abandonment of the Knower, The lack of understanding that All is As it is & All is within Divine Order on some level. There are no limitations to the sight of the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent One

      In the Supreme which Governs All the need to Judge ceases as it is known already before the thought to act even occurs, both the seed from whence it arose and the outcome before it is even acted upon. Every action every Human takes every thought, every feeling is known before the Human even experiences it themselves. Such is the depth of the Almightys LOVE.

      Deep Peace & Love abiding. ~


    • Mrsotto says:

      Thank you, Sister for you true words. Israel the aggressor? Only in the left media would anyone come to that conclusion erroroneously in fact. Israel has been getting bombed daily from Giza for how many years now and Hamas dare call THEM the aggressors? the Chikdren of God will prevail and I am excited to see hoe The Lord our God works this all out. The devil will never win, God has told us so in His bible.


    • Gill says:

      And who has given the Israelies the right to kill gods children ? we all are aren,t we !


    • Rosa, whoa! How is telling ANYONE they are a disgrace representing “God”…. This is sad, very sad only.


    • carl pearson says:

      the god the zionists worship is not the god of love its the god of death dropping bombs on children is truly a dispicable war crime. If you think this is ok you are ungodly and without any human feelings


  5. Irene C says:

    I found this article interesting. I know it’s from DEBKAfile and I’m not sure how reliable it is, but it’s an interesting read anyway.

    US warships turn around toward Israel for possible evacuation of Americans



  6. Tina Marie says:

    This is really not good. I don’t know how anyone can not see the signs of what’s coming. Earth changes, plagues and pestulance, wars and rumors of wars, signs in the sun and stars. I mean it’s all happening right now at the same time. I have no idea if this has anything to do with the whole Mayan calender and December 21st date but it does seem awfully interesting that the closer the date gets, the worse things around the world keep getting and I don’t believe in coinsedence.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    If Israel doesn’t take advantage of the situation now and end this threat from Hamas, the next rocket someday could hit a school full of little children, that is if Israel accepts a truce/ceasefire, a big mistake if they do.
    I also saw a report that Lebanese security forces disarmed two GRAD missiles set to fire on Israel
    from that direction. I have had a concern about that because it seems that Iran is indeed lighting many fires in the Mid-east. Imagine this, Hezbollah and Hamas firing hundreds and hundreds of rockets into Israel from the North and South.
    The news is also reporting that this Gaza situation is hampering any plans of an Israel strike on Iran. In my opinion, if there is a truce/ceasefire, it will not last. It will not last because there is simply too much hate here……..


  8. Ravi says:

    Alvin, I have followed your site for a very long time and this is my first post. Great work. From a neutral standpoint on this situation, i dont think you can justify any type of killing no matter what you think about the opposite religion. Some of the posts on this article try to justify these bombings, but ive seen pictures of charred childrens bodies being carried out of these buildings, i dont think they have done any wrong and all this stuff is nonsense. These problems will only escalate, too much warmongering going on, as if theres not enough problems on this planet already.


    • Thanks Ravi. It all needs to end…the hostily and violence on both sides.


      • onthemark55 says:

        It’s interesting to read all the responses, everyone’s right, everyone’s wrong. mankind has gone completely mad and has doomed itself to utter destruction by either fullfilling biblical prophecy(my personal belief) or by the inability to emotionally control the power created by our sheer mental capacity/advancement. Every new idea becomes weaponized, from Iron (spears,swords) to electronics(gps guided missles). Remember the “Battle cry” of the playground, “My Dad can beat up your Dad!!!!” I think my favorite example is the Doomsday Hoarders who reference bible prophesy(Daniel,Revelations), profess to be great christians, storing all the food,water,medical supplies,etc. for a prolonged period and then aquire enough weapons and ammunition to KILL EVERYONE THAT NEEDS FOOD,WATER,MEDICAL SUPPLIES,ETC. that comes along! Onward Christian Soldier, save the sandwich, loose your salvation. My other favorite is Islamic fundamentalist’s railing, calling Israel “baby killers” for striking back at missle launch sites they setup in a room next to a child’s bedroom or in a school! Revelations is comming true(even the secular/scientific History Channel has called Revelations “eerily accurate” recently). The only way to prevent the outcome would be for everyone,worldwide, to put down their weapons, relinquish power/control over each other and share all resources(food,water,energy,love and kindness) and accept each other unconditionally. Anyone see that happening anytime soon???? Sorry, don’t mean to be ‘bummer guy”, open to suggestions, Alvin??????? Anybody?????? I’ve promised myself, have talked with my son,grandson about, no matter what happens, we WILL NOT BE people who will deny others help they need to hoars/save for ourselves, the Lord said to do what you can today and let Him worry about tomorrow, he’ll provided. KEEP THE FAITH 🙂


      • Jeremiah 8:15, 16 We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble!…


      • Irene C says:

        Onthemark, you are on the mark. (sorry, couldn’t resist.) It would be nice if everyone would just lay down their weapons, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya, but it won’t happen. There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes.

        I read several survival blogs, not because I’m hoarding for doomsday, but I enjoy some of the short-term preparations that I might find useful in a snowstorm/blizzard that keeps me from going to the store for a couple of days. I am also one who shares with my neighbors. When I see these extreme preppers, I have to think about Luke 12:19-20. “And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” Our Lord does provide what we need.


  9. Stefan says:

    Israel is committing a ‘slow’ genocide. No doubt about that.


  10. nicolas chong says:

    Israel should have invade Gaza early this year . The children of Southern Israel spending too much time running to the bomb shelter from beginning of this year , when the Hamas decided to launch more than 50 missiles a day .
    Did anyone say anything ?
    No , not even mainstream media .
    Israel committing genocide ?
    The Arabs around is committing Genocide !
    Somehow , whole world hatting Israel is a good news , I guess .
    This is a step closer to Jesus 2nd coming …


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