16 Responses to All-out war feared as Israel moves troops toward Gaza, rockets land near Tel Aviv

  1. JON says:

    every day the terrorists from Gaza firing Kassam and Grad rockets on Israel.

    Recent weeks, the rate of rocket fire from Gaza on Israel increased to intolerable amount

    that no country could tolerate such a massive rocket attacks on its citizens and Israel

    responded by killing the head terrorist organization in Gaza, “Ahmed Gafr”.

    In response, the terrorists in Gaza continued firing rockets on Israel and today the

    terrorists in Gaza firing on Israel more than 250 missiles.

    How your government would react if the terrorists in Gaza were shooting on Your Home?
    Your government must condemn terrorism before it reaches your country!

    Israeli family’s life under Qassam rockets from Gaza


  2. Jo Anne Fortuna Casey says:

    Can’t we all just GET ALONG!!!!
    This old world can’t take another WORLD WAR!!!!!!
    Give PEACE a chance!!!
    No one wins a war!!!!


  3. M C says:

    Not much time left on the old clock.


  4. wayne ashley says:

    Is this the beginning of World War 3 ? I am worried for my children . Its only a matter of time before we are targeted …… !


  5. “The Israelis must realize that this aggression is unacceptable and would only lead to instability in the region and would negatively and greatly impact the security of the region.”
    This statement is just about the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. What about the hundreds and thousands of rockets that they hit Israel with in recent day’s. I’m not pounding war drums or wishing death or harm to anyone, I pray for all, but come on how dumb do they think we are. This is typical for Hamas, they attack and retreat, attack and retreat, and in between cry foul.


  6. Dennis E. says:

    I am concerned as I posted earlier. This could get out of hand and look, look what is going on world wide; First there are still the riots and monetary concerns in Europe over economic issues. Here is America, we are approaching the so-called fiscal cliff and people are petitioning the goverment to secede from the union!
    Earlier postings today on this site indicate more earthquakes at 6.0 and volcanoes occurring.

    It seems to me that nations are in distress…………….


  7. Adolf says:

    The Psalm 83 war is upon us …


  8. So it begins; hopefully Iran stays out of it. But what about India? There is great concern here.


  9. Stefan says:

    I hope they will stop fight, it leads to nothing but deaths and destruction.

    Heard that Egypt will try to negotiate a peace deal with both parties of the war. I sure hope they succeed.

    The international community must do something about this problem. I doubt they will though, but i hope. I have put pressure on to my national politicians.


    • JC72 says:

      Sorry to bust your bubble Stefan but the terror group who now govern Eygpt, aka the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are one and the same group with Hamas in fact the MB are the founders of the radical Hamas movement. As you may have already read in this article the MB have stated they are fully supportive of the rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel. Asking the MB to negotiate a peace deal between Israel and Hamas is as ludicrass as asking the SS to get Hitler to turn off the gas chambers. I really think the USA has lost its moral compass in this attempt at brokering peace. The only time there will ever be peace in that region of the world is when the whole idea of a Palistinian State is dropped and Eygpt and Jordan wich was formally known as Palestine, reabsorb the refugees they created for the purposes of the failed Arab Nationalist movement out of whose ashes the MB were born.


  10. niebo says:

    I cannot decide if it makes me sick, if it shocks me, or if it comes as no surprise whatsoever that, as THE MOST IMPORTANT chain of events in history link together, the sleeping masses have no idea because the free press in the US maintains radio silence! Unbelievable! Woe to the faithless watchmen!

    Alvin. . .this sucks, but thank you for the truth.


  11. Irene C says:

    And the fiscal cliff has taken precedence over all of this. What have we heard from the White House? And what if the states try to secede? Can they defend themselves? And what about the Hollywood elite and their goings on? (Oops, that slipped in there.) Our world is going into a world of turmoil, just like the Bible says we will we will be. I pray that people will trust in Jesus. The Bible has foretold what will happen. This might not be the beginning of WW3, but then again, it could be. Yes, be prepared, but be prepared to what the Bible says. The masses are not ready. I pray that this TEP family, that I’ve grown to love, is ready.



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