14 Responses to Operation Pillar of Defense: Israel launches major air strikes on Gaza, killing military chief for Hamas

  1. Simcha Aliyah says:

    I do not understand the reasoning og Gaza. They rain down scores of rockets into Israel, then scream WAR when Israel retaliates. Is makes no sense at all.


  2. Irene C says:

    And there’s the Kaboom.

    “In response to the attacks, Hamas said that “the occupation has opened the gates of hell.””

    “‘Israel has declared war on Gaza and they will bear the responsibility for the consequences,’ Islamic Jihad said.”


  3. awt says:

    War has never made any sense.


  4. One spokesperson in Gaza claimed the attack was because Israel is “an occupier” – huh? Israel pulled out of Gaza entirely in 2005!


  5. carl pearson says:

    dont forget to mention the young palestinian boys murdered while playing football.There is no war is its just slaughter biggest concentration camp on earth boxed in like animals utter disgrace.


  6. Dennis E. says:

    This has been a smoldering issue since Israel forced the settlers to leave who were forced by nations of the world to include the USA……
    All in the name of peace. Give up this land and we’ll have peace!
    We all know the story. The Jews left and the Arabs came in and destroyed Green Houses, crops and places of worship. It also enabled terrorists to get closer to population centers in Israel to fire their home made or Iranian supplied rockets.
    It is 7:00PM Eastern Standard time as I post this and look what is happening; Well over 300 rockets have been fired, even to Tel aviv almost, if not. The news is reporting that the situation is continuing to deteriorate……..not good
    There are questions to be asked and answered. Is this the start of a mid-east war orchestrated by Iran? Will Egypt, since it has recalled its ambassador, could it lead to an intervention by Egyptian military forces?
    Looked at what has happened since the election in the earth regarding earthquakes, social and economic upheavals. I know some people will say “oh, it is just another fuss and in a few days it will be over and a truce will be called and everything will settle down as it was”.
    Suppose it does not?
    Something to think about.


  7. nicolas chong says:

    Gazans fire 95 rockets after Jabari hit


  8. Rhonda says:

    Hamas deliberately fires rockets from Gaza while hiding near schools and heavily populated areas. They literally hide behind women and children hoping Israel will retaliate. They are willing to sacrifice their own children for the public relation pictures that will be on TV and the internet. Golda Meir said it best: “We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.”


  9. tellthetruth1 says:

    Been reading and watching since last night. All news appreciated.


  10. Sue says:

    We are ALL Palestinians. The Gaza is a microcasm of the whole world. People just don’t realize the iron fist they are ruled by. It is made evident in the Gaza for all the world to see. It will divide us into two groups. And if you are against the actions of Israel, you are a terrorist. Bow down and worship the beast or else. My Saviour Jesus Christ says you are to love your neighbor. Not saying there is not hatred from the Palestinian side, there is, but the Palestinians have more right to the ‘right to defend itself’ claim than Israel. They are occupiers. Within the last few weeks Israel has made known that it intends, and is, taking over 1,200 Palestinians’ homes. We are all Palestinians whether we know it or not. At least these occupiers are temporary and soon to be vanished from the face of the earth again, this time for eternity. Be of good courage.


    • Pete says:

      History and your Bible do not support your claims .. Please study Jordan, and who the people in Palestine were, what was the land of Palestine… Also, Jesus told us what would haven during these days. God gave the land to the Jews .. Please visit Israel and you will get a very different picture than the propaganda being spread ..
      Lord bless.


  11. Sue, I am wondering how old you are, or maybe you belong to a church that teaches these lies. However, if you love Jesus, you love his word, and his word does not lie. Try to stop listening to people, and propaganda, read the word of God to find the truth about Israel. You owe it to yourself to discover the truth, before Jesus returns – because Jesus was a Jew, is a Jew and will return to Israel to HIS people the Jews. Israel was legally provided with land and statehood by the UN over 60 years ago, the arabs refused to accept this and have been fighting ever since. There IS no “Palestine” in reality – and never will be. I am sorry, but that is the truth.


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