6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the southern coastline of Chile

November 13, 2012CHILEA shallow 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Aisen, Chile at the shallow depth of 9.7 km (6.0 miles). No tsunami warnings were issued for the region, and there have been no reports of damage. The earthquake struck the southern coastline of Chile and the epicenter was 338 km (210 miles) W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile. This is the fourth major earthquake to strike the planet in 48 hours. –TEP
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23 Responses to 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the southern coastline of Chile

  1. Warren says:

    This is really starting to affect my mental state, I am feeling so tired and mentally aware I can feel something big coming, when is somethimg really going to break to relieve this weight on my body and mind? I don’t want bad thimgs to happen to good people so i hope they are prepared. i also know no matter how much they believe in god nothing will stop the force that is coming to change our planet.


    • SOSO says:

      This is History and history repeats itself. If you believe in praying then do that. If being active in prevention helps alleviate stress, then do something in that direction. If getting involved in helping those already suffering would help ease your heart and stress – then do that. I hope you find peace.


    • Sam Beckett says:

      I must say as the date of Dec 21 nears, I find that “feeling” of something big, really big is coming. Truthfully, I bash others for believing in 2012, as I believe in science & science tells us nothing is going to happen to our planet on Dec 21 2012 or anything this year that will forever change us. But, nonetheless that feeling of “something is coming” has been with me for several years & this feeling is getting stronger..so much so, I know have “bug-out” backpacks ready, & ammo, water, long lasting food (nuts, raisins, jerky, etc..) I can bloody explain it but damn it, I feel something coming. Am I just crazy? Am I just buying into the hype? Haha..I do not know


    • Care Bear says:

      Warren, I would suggest friend that you give this stuff a break for a while, and just enjoy the reality that is in front of you. The world is going through a bit of a turbulent time, but it also has in the past. At least we are not living in the ice age, that would be horrible lol. If you have a faith in a God, than keep it simple. Focus on loving and caring for your fellow man, you could die tomorrow and than all this stuff doesn’t matter anyway.
      God doesn’t want us to focus on this stuff 24/7, it is not healthy to do so, start looking at the positives, like kids, friends, family and have an awesome and happy day 🙂


  2. Bundy says:

    Its gone crazy Alvin…the worlds in a tail spin over all manner of things


  3. sara pallero says:

    want to go to Chile so bad, but every time I see another earthquake its scares me. I lived there as a child and now i promissed my children I would take them for Christmas and new years… they are 15 and 19. But, boy these tremmors and quakes are enough to make not buy ticket. Could there be a better place where chances are that there won’t be a quake … in Chile I mean?


    • Wereparadox says:

      I can see that a lot looks like it is changing. I also know that people have been calling for the end of the world for along long long time. Particually Christians. Don’t you realize that your great great x10 grandfather was spouting that same thing to his children. “Oh yup our savior is coming back any time now.” Don’t get me wrong I can’t help but know there is God but I also know God only does things when ever God gets around to it. If all this were to stop now nothing what’s so ever would change. I’m waiting for there to be a real irreversable change then I’ll believe Gods finally started to move.


      • Irene C says:

        You are right, Wereparadox, when you say that many have been wrong. And you are right that we might be wrong. But then, we might be right.

        2 Peter 3:3-4- “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

        By the time there’s a real irreversible change, it may be too late. The people back in Jesus’s time wanted a sign also. He gave them one, rising from the dead, and still they didn’t believe. I have been called a crackpot (among other things) for my belief in Biblical prophecy, This is not a time to be wrong.


    • Eduardo Monzon says:

      Sara: I live in northern Chile and the tremors are very light. in the Peru Bolivia border. The best place to go will be Eastern Island I guess. Last month there was a mayor exercise, Chile Peru (two bitter enemies) for a tsunami between Arica and Tacna in the border


    • Francisco Matamala says:

      Hi Sara,

      Come to Chile, it’s a beautiful country and the quakes are not a problem. Strange as it may sound, chances are you’ll never feel one. Chile’s a very long country, you’ve got tons to visit and see (but I prefer the greener Southern Chile myself, although the desert has a martian beauty to it), and if a quake happens, it will be minor and probably far away from you.

      One of the strangest things you’ll hear here in Chile is that we’re really not scared of quakes. When quakes happen here, people react normally, don’t freak out, and go through them. Buildings (modern ones) are built for them. As a matter of fact, if there’s anyplace I’d want to be for world changing events, it’s here. I know, I know.. Chile’s a hotspot, but you get a feel for the earth around you. It feels safe, it’s hard to explain.

      So don’t worry, Sara. Come to Chile, and let your kids enjoy this beautiful land. Quakes are not an issue. Bring sunblock (Christmas and New Year’s happen in summer here), and have pisco sours, I’m addicted.

      Take care,

      (I write this from my farm, near San Clemente, 150 kms. from the epicenter of the 8.8 (which I experienced first hand 🙂 ).


  4. SOSO says:

    So glad I did not recently go to Italy. I don’t believe I will be leaving my Country much less my Compound any time in the near or far future !!! The time for hunkering down and checking into the supplies and survival needs is now. If something happens and my household doesn’t make it, someone will be able to use what we have procured. And, that is a comforting thought.


  5. DR says:

    Hey Alvin and everyone else,

    Does anyone have a source to find out the number of 5/6.0+ earthquakes this year? I don’t think I am the only one who doesn’t remember this many even the last two years ago around this time.



  6. Dayrel says:

    This does not bode weel. Has anyone looked at these line up, it’s like the planet is ready to crack right up the western coast of North and South America. Dont know about you guys, but I takinoth crazy Prepper folks more serious.


  7. Dog says:

    this in addition to a rare solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere


  8. mike says:

    another 6+ just happened there


  9. Tim says:

    Wednesday November 14 2012, 19:02:05 UTC 60 minutes ago Coquimbo, Chile 6.1


  10. Irene C says:

    The quakes in Chili have gone crazy.

    M6.1 – 82km (51mi) SW of Vallenar, Chile.


  11. john says:

    Well another quake just happened in chile as of an hour or so ago another 6.1
    that fault line can only take so much before something big happens



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