Deadly Indiana blast puzzles officials and residents

November 12, 2012INDIANA With no hint of a problem in advance, in particular no tell-tale smell of a gas leak, authorities and residents in a southern Indianapolis neighborhood are trying to make sense of an enormous blast that obliterated two homes and made dozens more uninhabitable. Fire officials expressed amazement that only two people died in the late Saturday explosion so powerful that the devastation spread for blocks from its epicenter. Hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate their Richmond Hill homes, some never to return. Windows and doors were blown in. The blast rocked several houses entirely from their foundations and was so loud it awoke people three miles away. A fire burned for hours, engulfing dozens of homes. Early Monday, Indianapolis public safety director Troy Riggs said forensic investigators were talking with utility companies and others as they tried to determine the cause. “We need to make sure that we get some of the forensics back and that we follow where the evidence takes us,” Riggs told WISH-TV. U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, who represents the area, has said he had been told a bomb or meth lab explosion had been ruled out. Deputy Fire Chief Kenny Bacon said investigators hadn’t ruled out any possible causes. Citizens Energy had received no calls from people in the area smelling the rotten eggs of a chemical added to natural gas, which is odorless, utility spokesman Dan Considine said. “Most of the time when there’s a gas leak, people smell it,” he said. “But not always.” Carson said the National Transportation Safety Board and the federal Department of Transportation, which have oversight over pipelines, were sending investigators. Riggs said police officers and investigators would continue to search and secure the neighborhood on Monday. “It could take some time. We’ve asked people to be patient,” Riggs told WRTV. Dan Able, a 58-year-old state employee who lives across the street from the flattened homes, was puzzled by the blast. “I’m wondering about all the possibilities it could be,” he said. Authorities set up relief operations at a school and church to shelter those displaced in the blast. Some moved in with friends and relatives. Others found hotel rooms. Alex Pflanzer was sound asleep when the explosion blew out his windows and his wife started to scream. “I didn’t know what was going on,” Pflanzer said. “I thought someone was breaking in the house, because the alarm was going off.” –ABC News
                                                            (c) ABC News
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37 Responses to Deadly Indiana blast puzzles officials and residents

  1. Sir Bacaba says:

    It is quite clear that this is a meth lab, but authorities will not say it out loud or admit that this is something like that.


  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    Wow. Well, please keep us updated on the cause when they pbulish it. I am curious. Do you have any ideas?


    • Just judging from the reports, I say it sounds like a spark in a gas-line. We’ll see what the investigations turn up.


      • Lyn Leahz says:

        Thanks for the reply. Yeah, let me know when u find something out for sure… that’s just awful. Thank God not that many lives were lost..sad that two were lost though.


      • RattlerRider says:

        Let’s say that a gas leak occurred inside and empty home, those homes look nice and tight, so the house would be super air tight, those homes appear to be 2500 square footers, that is a lot of cubic square feet of gas, the leak filled that house up, maybe it maxed out, you know like when you fill a propane tank? The likely leak out area would be through the attic out a roof jack vent, no one would notice if the wind was carrying this away, Maybe the outside air cooled enough to make the thermostat click on, and this would be the result. A person could set it up if they knew the gas flow, cubic feet per minute, the cubic feet of the space to be filled, and set up a timer, or it could just be a coincidence {Which is hard for me to believe, being an engineer and mechanical contractor}. Once the event takes place, it’s a head scratching matter for non mechanical or engineering minds.



        It’s a major problem in America because the country is crissed-cross with natural gas pipe-lines. They’re aging and most are not fitted to earthquake standards…so when the country starts reeling from tremors, America is going to have a nightmare on its hands. I’ve been warning of this encroaching threat for the last 3 years.


  3. it is so shakey down here in Guatemala…
    watching the N.Atlantic Ridge and Tonga areas..
    and 115 degrees W +/- 5 degrees across USA..


    • Carla B. says:

      Hang in there Diane and keep safe. My thoughts are with you in Guatemala. I know how it feels coming from Christchurch, New Zealand.


  4. Chynna says:

    Kentucky just recently was rocked by a 4.3. Related?


  5. barb says:

    The owner of a house that exploded in Indianapolis says he wonders if a faulty furnace might have been to blame for the blast that killed two people and destroyed or damaged dozens of homes.
    John Shirley told The Associated Press on Monday that he received a text message last week from his daughter about a problem with the furnace at the house the girl shares with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.
    John Shirley says no one was home at the time of the explosion.
    His ex-wife, Monserrate Shirley, declined to comment Monday.
    Indiana real estate records show the house had been for sale for a year until it was taken off the market in March.


    • C.J. says:

      Cmon now people, this is not a PIPELINE! In San Bruno, which was WAY LARGER, they identified it as a pipeline explosion in less than an hour.

      From the San Bruno details “The explosion excavated an asymmetric crater 167 feet (51 m) long, 26 feet (7.9 m) wide[15] and 40 feet (12 m) deep along the sidewalk of Glenview Drive in front of 1701 Earl Avenue (a corner house), but many of the destroyed homes were eastward in the 1600 block of Claremont Drive”

      This one there is no Crater, Debris was thrown in a symetrical pattern, Not Asymetrical! The Blast Radius was 300-340 Ft Round Judging by the Fire engines, and Cars in the area. I did the research.

      I have been to war, Three times, I have seen what Ordinance will do when detonated 3 Meters above the ground. In particular, a 100lb Hellfire missile Set to detonate above the ground, causes a circular pattern of destruction, ripping through most buildings that are primarily constructed with typical wooden materials and leaves little to NO CRATER.

      Hellfire is an Air to Ground Missile system designed to defeat tanks and other individual targets, while minimizing the exposure of the launch vehicle to the enemy, with the least amount of collateral damage.

      The audio on that video doesnt do the Hellfire justice, ITS LOUD!
      Considering a 4th of July Firework can be heard 3 miles away, This would wake ANYONE in the area up.

      When i saw the images, The ARIAL images of the destruction, I said right away…
      ” That was a strike “.

      Not a meth Lab, Not a Gas Line, Not Home brew explosives! That was a tactical strike, whether the intended target were the people that were killed or not, this is A STRIKE!

      Any BS reson for this explosion needs to be looked at with serious scrutiny, Using the witness reports, NOT what UNCLE SAM says.

      It Leveled Houses,
      30 Houses to be demolished.
      People 3 Miles away heard the Blast.
      It has a percussion wave powerful enough to Rip doors and Garage doors from thier Hinges, and Blow out Deadbolts.

      Im not a paranoid schitzo either. I am a very successfull telecommuncations Tech, an Avid Photographer, and a Veteran of Foreign war, and i know an attack when i see one!!!

      And before anyone asks, 755th Reconnaissance / Decontamination Company, O’Neill, Ne supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have seen my fair share of the dead and dying.

      I am prepared, ARE YOU?!?!?!


      • Irene C says:

        Thank you C.J. for an alternate explanation. And although I am not knowledgeable about explosives, after taking another look at this, you have a valid point here. A strike was an option I hadn’t thought about, or maybe didn’t want to think about. It’s a more frightening thought than gas lines or meth labs exploding. People in suburbs are totally unprepared for attacks and are usually in denial that it could happen to them, especially in the more affluent areas. And of course, our government would never admit to this possibility.

        On a side note, I am an ex-military dependent with two sons who also served. I thank you for your service. It is very much appreciated.


      • Julie says:

        Wow!!! That is very interesting C.J. I never thought of that but knowing what I know I wouldn’t put it past them to do this. If anyone would know what a blast site looks like it would be a war vet. Good observation. Thank you!!!


  6. flameofjudah says:

    I saw this possibility on YOU Tube. How likely, I don’t know.


  7. citizens reports that no gas mains had problems, DHS sure came out quick with the NO bomb/Meth lab, Hell the I doubt they had time to even get to the site before they said it! With the latest executive order signed by Obama, completing his take over thru a”council” I am looking at this being a possible false flag event, one of many to come prior to Jan swearing in…


  8. John Doesnotcountitin says:

    Check an alternative version of this story, fir what it is worth.


  9. Moco says:

    Same ting happened a while back in Cali, most probable a little comet hit the homes and nearly took out the block. NO flaming ball, just a hot fast one. It would act like an explosive.
    NOt a meth lab, which blows the whole block. Only a fireworks factory could do that.


  10. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Sounds like a frustrated person losing their home and getting even with ” society?” bankers? whatever? hmmmm.


  11. Irene C says:

    I would say this is from a gas line. Many years ago, we had a series of exploding gas valves around town. Fortunately, it wasn’t as serious as this one, but when the police come around and recommend that you turn your gas off to the house, it is a bit frightening. And, as Alvin says, our pipelines are aging and deteriorating. And with all the earthquakes happening, fires from gas explosions would be a reality. Remember San Francisco in 1906.


  12. Sue says:

    Some people are claiming that the explosion was caused by a drone strike by two hellfire missiles.


    • sue,thats exactly what i was thinking,and C.J. also sounds like he knows what hes talking abt.this one smells of terror but im willing to bet it was just a practise run for more well timed random hits for the future,the closer it gets to december the weirder it gets on our planet,if God isnt going to take us out at that time,someone will be working like hell to make our nightmares come true…say a prayer and hold onto your hats!!


  13. Mike H says:

    Im with C.J. until otherwise shown differently. Testing testing. never underestimate what could truely be happening right before your eyes.
    Alvin IMO is right on about what is currently being seen around the globe. This is certainly a controversial exp;osion..false flag bombs terror?


  14. Larry says:

    Please, Alvin, can you tell us again that Nibiru/Planet X does NOT exist? So many rumors out there about Planet X, so some reassurance from you about this would be appreciated. Thanks! (I know you said Planet X does not exist in a comment, but I cannot find it now,)


  15. Barb says:

    Re: the gas explosion in the southside Indianapolis neighborhood

    Three people are now awaiting trial for intentionally causing this deadly explosion. Basically, it was a case of bankruptcy, an attempt to cash-in on their homeowner’s insurance, and greed. Google Richmond Hill gas explosion for more detailed info.


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