17 Responses to EU plagued by suicides, as deeper austerity measures enacted and economic woes worsen

  1. pst007x says:

    When will people realise that the power lies with the masses, by removing division across nations we can change the system. However, in the real world nobody sticks together, we are so desperate to cling to the fiction of ownership, that we remain slaves!

    Just look at: http://www.tpuc.org/ the system is shameful!

    The system does not care for peoples welfare. so we as humans have to. What is happening all over the world is a disgrace, and it must stop! It can stop if we ALL change it…

    Think about it what would happen if everyone stopped working, stopped paying their bills, the system would collapse over night! If we ALL just stuck together we would force change…. but division is a part of us… we live by greed and selfish needs….

    Perhaps the only way is for us to destroy ourselves, then perhaps from the ashes will come a civilisation that deserves to exist!


    • Hannah says:

      You are so right, why do we keep going obediently round and round its like we are being herded like sheep. We watch the world around us and know something is seriously wrong but we keep on the path the world paved for us and wonder if this is really the path to take. Which path is narrow and few find. Stop and look around.


  2. SAD DAY FOR HUMANITY, THE BELL TOLLS FOR THEE profits before people, when people lose everything, life has no meaning, but a symbolic cry of PAIN, can you hear me now?


  3. John says:

    This kind of thing could happen in America when our government implements cap and trade, higher taxes, and when the economic depression in Europe creates a ripple effect on America. This is why people need to become preppers, because I think there will be severe economic hard times ahead for Americans. Forget about hope and change and start thinking about Beans and Rice.


  4. Carla B. says:

    Absolutely horrible.


  5. Those poor people! Sadly, this is just a taste of things to come; before long this kind of thing will be happening everywhere, including America. We need to face the fact that those who rule are merely lying puppets who say they care but care more for their own power, wealth and fame.


  6. niebo says:

    I am reminded of events that led to the French Revolution. The citizen-protesters in Barakaldo are probably the more-reliable barometer for where public opinion/expression is headed; as more and more witness the consequential anguish of suicide and the devastating grief it leaves to surviving family and friends, it will decrease in frequency. Suicide is the product of shame, and for what reasons do they have to be ashamed? Why should they internalize the despair? As the Greek pensioner’s note suggests, all that the majority of these people have done is what their society and culture dictated; they have “played by the rules”, so to speak, and been “productive citizens” along the way . . . only to see corruption rob them and their families of financial security, not to mention the sense of worth that providing it gave to these once “successful” people. The disgrace of this crisis is not their burden to bear, and, as the situation worsens and spreads, the chanted words “we have rope” will be proved not by acts of shame but by acts of hostility. The fraud, the greed, the corruption, the lies, the subjugation and enslavement of the citizenry will end with blood in the streets. That the “leaders” have forgotten the past has doomed them to repeat it; the hopelessness and desparation, wrought by folly, and the seemingly unavoidable consequences, break my heart to witness.


  7. Skeptical Citizen says:

    This Is gonna sound kinda mean. But those folks only lost the gamble they took by going into debt. The fact is when you buy on credit its not really yours . Until the very last payment is made a debtor is nothing more than a glorified renter. Myself Im debt free. I was raised to avoid debt like the plague. I dont have a solution and am not optimistic. I think the problem is folks place too much value on possessions & worldy goods. and the coming clatyclismic events are probably gonna strip everyone including me of their plunder. Taking your own life isnt the answer.


  8. Ian says:

    This is terrible news, and some new formula needs to be found to stop banks pushing home owners to suicide (without letting those who can pay get away without paying of course).

    As for the EU, it wants to spend and spend, it is trying to push up the UK’s contribuition, but we are fed up with this institution, and hope for an opportunity to leave and soon. I doubt many EP readers are aware that the EU has not had it’s annual accounts signed off by auditors for 18 years – I don’t know why but it’s certainly not acceptable and is another pointer to why we will probably leave in a few years’ time.


  9. Colleen says:

    Terrible! My heart goes out to these folks. We must try and help one another.


  10. Irene C says:

    So sad when people lose hope. I pray for them. This is beginning to happen in the U.S., and soon suicide will become more rampant here. So many suicides happened during the Great Depression too. My hope is in Jesus who will come soon and set up His perfect Kingdom.



  11. Terrible and its only the tip of the iceberg


  12. shropster says:

    The buck stops with those who print the bucks.


  13. Dennis E. says:

    Cannot truly add to what has been blogged. Very good comments.
    Skeptical citizen made a very valid point and that is to get debt free. Many cannot do that now because it is costing more to live and will cost more next year.
    The time has come for families to pool their resources and plan for the care of elderly relatives(mother,father,aunt uncle) to include the mentally impaired who are currently housed in mental health facilities, ie; nursing homes because they could be coming home.

    We are seeing the demise of the USA to a third world nation and the transfer of power.
    As we turn further from God’s word and commandments it can only get worst.
    Finally do not be surprised to any assault on the church……………..

    just my opinion


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