Hundreds of pigeons mysteriously die in India

November 8, 2012PATNA, India More than five hundred pigeons have dropped dead at a village in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district over the last four days, causing residents, some of them pigeon-keepers, to fear that something was amiss. District officials are still to visit the site and conduct an inquiry. “We were shocked, and we cannot understand why it happened,” Subodh Kumar Singh, a keeper of pigeons who lost 250 birds in two days, said. Another pigeon keeper, Mohan Singh, said, “We need some manner of inquiry into this. Why did such a large number of pigeons drop dead in a matter of days?” Other pigeon keepers like Subhit Singh, Radhe Singh and Bhumeshwar Singh said that the government ought to investigate the deaths. While some veterinarians suspected a bird flu or poisoning, others speculated that the deaths could have been caused because of radiation from mobile phone towers. They added that that only an investigation could get to the root of the mystery. Pigeons are valued as pets here, and there is a thriving market for them.–Times of India
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3 Responses to Hundreds of pigeons mysteriously die in India

  1. Irene C says:

    Very curious and so sad.


  2. Tracey says:



  3. tonic says:

    By now, mother nature must be screaming ” for heaven sake how many more signs do I need to give you, the world is changing, prepare for the future. It will never equal your past, or future expectations.”
    Our civilisation is wandering blindly into a future that has no resemblance to where we are today, or any single point in our past.
    The call of “wake up” will never hit home ( I have tried it many times with close friends)
    Methane will suddenly start to appear in the headlines, the Suns non activity will hit home later, and then one day some scientist will put two and two together.
    And TEP book will lie in some dusty corner of a library, waiting to be discovered all over again.


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