6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Vancouver Island

November 8, 2012 VANCOUVER A 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred off Vancouver Island Wednesday night. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the quake occurred about 182 kilometres southwest of Port Hardy, B.C. around 9 p.m. ET. There were no immediate reports of any damage. No tsunami warnings have been issued. A number of tsunami warnings were issued when a 7.7-magnitude quake struck off B.C.’s coast on Oct. 27, but all were later downgraded. At that time, the coastal area from the north tip of Vancouver Island to Cape Decision, Alaska was in potential danger. The quake was felt across north-central B.C. and some low-lying communities were evacuated as a precaution. –CTV
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1 Response to 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Vancouver Island

  1. Irene C says:

    I’ve been following all of these earthchanges for quite some time. We have earthquakes happening all over the place, some in fault lines that were considered dormant. We have volcanoes erupting all over the place with some rumblings in supervolcanoes. We had a late-season hurricane on the East Coast followed by an early-season snowstorm, something that meteorologists haven’t seen before. We have powder kegs in countries all over the world. We’ve seen potentially earth-damaging solar flares that have fortunately missed us. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the fiscal cliff we are heading for at full speed. But – when I talk about these things and talk about prophecy, I’m considered a crackpot. 😀 LOL Well, in my lifetime, I have been called worse. I would rather be a crackpot than be wrong.

    Thank you Alvin for everything you do. You’ve helped me maintain my crackpot reputation. 🙂


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