H1N1 outbreak reported in Saudi Arabia

November 5, 2012SAUDI ARABIASaudi health authorities reported Sunday at least eight cases of H1N1 infections at the Al-Amal mental hospital in Riyadh. The infected people were given Tamiflu vaccine while 27 other people, including four nurses, suspected of having the influenza virus were quarantined. Staff of the hospital also took precautionary measures, including wearing masks when dealing with patients, and cancelling an party celebrating the Eid al-Adha Muslim festival. The latest H1N1 outbreak in the kingdom was discovered 18 days ago but was not disclosed to avoid panic among haj pilgrims, according to spokesman of Health Affairs Directorate in Riyadh Saad Al Qahtani. The virus first reached Saudi Arabia in 2009 brought by an infected Filipino nurse working at King Faisal Specialized Hospital. Last month, a Saudi boy vacationing with his family in Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus but recovered. In September, a 60-year-old Saudi man died from the virus and a 49-year-old Qatari man was infected with it after traveling to the kingdom. The Qatari man has recovered after being treated in a hospital in London. –Gant Daily
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5 Responses to H1N1 outbreak reported in Saudi Arabia

  1. Rosa Lopes says:

    There you have it people another prophecy coming true .stay clear of any vaccination at this time and in the future the elites want to kill you and they are in accord with the governments of the world .they are all in it together only the rich and powerful will survive .So be very careful no vaccines of any kind for you and your family use alfafa instead.


    • Hi Rosa

      I read the article as meaning the infected people were given the Tamiflu vaccine AFTER they contracted the H1N1 infection. Having said that, I personally would not agree to having any vaccines at this time!

      Love, Light, peace and healing to all
      Messenger Spirit


  2. Pilgrim Bobby says:

    Strictly speaking, Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is not a vaccine but rather an antiviral drug.

    Oseltamivir directly inhibits the flu-virus surface enzyme protein, “neuraminidase”. The flu virus uses the neuraminidase on its surface to get into host cells where it can replicate. Viruses are unable to multiply of their own accord as they lack the necessary cellular machinery for replication – they are not cells.

    A vaccine, on the other hand, primes the host’s immune system in preparation for a potential invading micro-organism to thwart off the attack. That is what the flu vaccine does.

    The difference is that a vaccine works on the host’s immune system and the antiviral (much like an antibiotic does with bacteria) works directly on the virus.


  3. I had a flu shot this year against all warnings, I did feel ill for like 2 weeks after! ” I feel more aches than ever!”


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