Yellowstone caldera volcano (Wyoming, USA): elevated seismic activity, but within normal activity range

November 3, 2012MONTANAYellowstone earthquake activity remains at background levels. During October 2012, 128 earthquakes were recorded in the Yellowstone National Park region. The largest were a pair of magnitude 3.1 events on October 14 at 8:55 PM and 9:21 PM MDT, located about 18 miles south southwest of West Yellowstone, MT. These events were part of a swarm of 55 quakes recorded October 14 -16, with magnitudes ranging from M 0.9 to M 3.1. The swarm resumed briefly on October 26 with an additional 8 events, M 1.4 to M 2.3 located in the same area on the western edge of the Madison Plateau. Slow subsidence of the caldera, which began in early 2010, continues. Current deformation patterns at Yellowstone are well within historical norms. –Volcano Discovery
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12 Responses to Yellowstone caldera volcano (Wyoming, USA): elevated seismic activity, but within normal activity range

  1. Brandon says:

    In this earth changes crisis when do you see Yellowstone and other supervolcanoes erupting? Or do you? Yellowstone is still quiet now.



    • It is still quiet and we don’t know what the proverbial tipping point will be. I, however, do believe that time is approaching when many of these super systems will awaken.


      • SunTHEsourceofeternity says:

        isnt safe america?quacke is not much but can demage sleep of USA gigant and then historical massive eruptions of big part of the country $$$$$ that could be biggest natural event since … America the USA would be injured by explotions powerfull enough to destroy everything in =polu rarzenia(pol.)=
        but no worries sceintsts are sure about ,,world pearl,, in volcanoes that will be sleeping ever after 😉
        STAY SAFE


  2. ujjwal says:

    i was anxiously waiting for this to begin … finally it is here…


  3. Phyllis says:

    everything is normal here folks,keep your eyes on the election,nothing to worry about here at all.(sarcasm)


  4. Irene C says:

    I wouldn’t worry about these swarms as long as the deformation remains at normal ranges. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be kept under observation. There’s always that “what-if”.


  5. Sam Beckett says:

    7 years ago, scientists were “sure” super-volcanic eruptions rarely happened, one in a few million years or more. Now..those same scientist have proof that super-volcanic eruptions are not rare & they are very concerned about La Palma super-volcano..they say it will erupt very soon, most likely in our lifetime & that will be a global catastrophe


  6. Mr. B. says:

    Move along! Nothing to see here!


  7. Mary Jane says:

    How does this activity differ from previous swarms at Yellowstone? I am not an expert but have been paying attention to Yellowstone for about the last 8 years. It seems to me that these swarms come and go.


    • The problem is we never know which swarm will be the triggering mechanism that sets the volcano off. Vesuvius experienced small tremors four days before the ill-fated eruption in 79 A.D. obliterated Pompeii and Herculaneum, so people had grown accustomed to the mountain shaking and no one expected, or was prepared for what came next.


      • Ashuka says:

        That doesn’t sound good Alvin. Thank you for keeping us posted . I don’t know what I would do without this web site .


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