National Committee of Emergency declares seismic alert for Central Costa Rica

November 3, 2012COSTA RICA Costa Ricans are on alert, which was declared by the National Committee of Emergency due to the seismic activity in the central region. The western province of Guanacaste and the Great Metropolitan Area are the most active regions and authorities are asking residents a continued vigilance. Although other movements must occur to catalog the situation, it is peculiar the succession of recent tremors in very short periods of time, said seismological network specialist of the University of Costa Rica, Lepold Linkimer. At this time, experts analyze the phenomenon to determine if is related to Aguas Calientes tectonic fault, which caused one of the country’s most destructive earthquakes in the past century, said During the last hours, the fault that goes through Escazu municipality has originated seven earthquakes between 2.2 and 3.1 degrees on the Richter scale, said the organization. –Costa Rica Star
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4 Responses to National Committee of Emergency declares seismic alert for Central Costa Rica

  1. jsiii says:

    n the italian exports just got prision time for not reporting. maybe this is over reporting? a new trend perhaps?


  2. Dennis E. says:

    I, as most of you, receive earthquake notifications in my email from the USGS. I set my parameters
    at 5.0 or greater. Just lately, there has been a sharp increase in the past three weeks of at least 5.5
    and also 6.0. I know that there has also been a 7.0 or two. My point is that I think there is a serious
    chance of a major land deformation event in the near future……….
    Just my gut speaking here………………


    • Mkliner says:

      I agree with you, Dennis. My gut is feeling the same way. There are so many things going on right now. Dried up springs, volcano alerts, crazy quakes in places where there shouldn’t be (eastern US) it all points to something larger in the making.


    • Marshallrn says:

      I have also noticed a decent increase in 5.0 and greater earthquakes globally. Nothing too notable, yet something to keep an eye on. After the 7.0 that caused the tsunami off the Canadian coast, the aftershocks helped to increase the quakes we were seeing.
      Here in the Bay Area of northern California there hasn’t been any major increase in seismic activity, yet I have been noticing a series of patterns in the locations and sizes of the past few weeks small quakes along the local faults. Getting my preps in order and ramping up my security.
      Stay safe all.


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