Exceptional floods leave more than half of Venice under water

November 3, 2012 VENICE, ItalyVenice has been hit by its highest winter floods in two years with water rising to 140cm (56in) above sea level and meteorologists are warning that heavier flooding will be the rule rather than the exception in the coming years. About half of the city is currently underwater. Tourists have had to wade through flooded parts of the city in Wellington boots and cross the landmark St. Mark’s Square via wooden walkways after days of torrential rain. The square was said to be under 60cm of water. The phenomenon, known as “acqua alt” or “high water” is common in Venice at this time of year but levels are higher than last winter and experts say things will get worse in the future. The city experienced its worst flooding in decades only four years ago when 160cm of floodwater was recorded. Italian news agency Ansa classified the situation as “exceptional,” with shops, basements and buildings flooded. While the canal city is used to high waters, they are putting its fragile infrastructure under heavy stress. The administration has put in place a system of moveable barriers, the Mose, which will rise from the seabed to protect Venice from high tides. The system will not be operational before 2014, however. “Italy is currently under a nationwide rainstorm and autumn marks the beginning of the high-water season, which has been particularly severe this year,” reported Gazzetta del Sud online. “The causes are both natural and man-made. Decades of pumping groundwater caused significant damage to the delicate foundations before the practice was called off.” Weather experts say the high-water threat has been increasing in recent years as heavier rains have hit northern Italy. –Telegraph
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10 Responses to Exceptional floods leave more than half of Venice under water

  1. Irene C says:

    Unfortunately, one day this beautiful city will be all under water. So sad.


  2. Wolfstar says:

    I dont think this is anything to be smiling about in this picture. We need to take mother earth more seriously! yeah its really funny that the earth is changing and that shes upset we were dumb asses in the first place dumping toxic substances into the lakes and oceans its okay to spreay crap into the atmosphere I’m sick of this Alvin I think its time we make a forum on here for us to connect the dots and get some of this rediculasnousness delt with we need to talk together on this changing time and work together because one day we may not be able to watch this unravel we need to start acting!


  3. Some people can blithely ignore the signs of the times and pretend nothing is the matter. It may seem amusing to them now, but that won’t be the case for them anymore in the near future. This problem with flooding will only get worse, as the article says. But it’s NOT from Global Warming via fuel emissions. It’s from our Sun having one of its most active Solar Maximum cycles ever recorded, which means the bad weather we’ve been experiencing is in God’s hands, NOT ours, and that it is likely a product of sin and rebellion against God, and has nothing to do with human-caused CO2 emissions.


  4. Christopher says:

    Venice is sinking showly, and has been since the city was founded.


  5. maurice2500 says:

    Do You think the flooding of coastal cities have begun ?


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