Tjörnes Fracture Zone volcano (North of Iceland): seismic swarm continues with no end in sight

October 30, 2012ICELANDThe earthquake swarm in the Tjörnes Fracture Zone north off Iceland continues into its 10th day. After a decline in intensity during 25-28 Oct, the frequency of quakes has again picked up. There are often more than 100 quakes a day including some above magnitude 3. The Icelandic Met Office maintains a warning for a possible larger quake in the area. –Volcano Discovery
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8 Responses to Tjörnes Fracture Zone volcano (North of Iceland): seismic swarm continues with no end in sight

  1. Scott says:

    This is just the beginning of what the Bible calls THE TIME OF SORROWS. Hurricane Sandy is just a warmup for the things to come. Only a remnant will be spared from the coming righteous judgment and wrath of the Almighty JEHOVAH. Not that you will have an easy time, but you will be spared the horrors of the things to come. Remember to put on the armor of the Lord daily Ephesians ch 6. Love not your life unto death. Zion is many places where the faithful and true servants of the Lord gather under the protection of Gods wings. Read the book of Joel for your survival instructions from God. The trumpet is the alarm of war. Time to awake MIGHTY MEN OF GOD.


  2. George says:

    Odd that it’s not reported on the site nor the 4.2 in Poland. Just had a check & it appears the European site lists more (all) globally.


  3. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    I have a bad feeling that this activity maybe the beginning of the splitting of Iceland into pieces.

    Alvin, do you have any insight into the outcome of this activity?


  4. John Williams says:

    Things really seems to be getting bad all over the world. I pray for God to keep us all safe. Thank you so much for keeping us informed about everything that happening. This is a great site thank you agin..


  5. mrs w says:

    Is the activity of the earthquakes happening in iceland {10 days} a normal or usual happening for Iceland. If not is this a warning that the magnetic poles are soon to be shifting sometime in the near future.


  6. Semmie says:

    Like birthpains these things wil increase in frequency and intensity……….prepare!


  7. Colin says:

    On sunday night at around 9pm, i decided to go on the site and have a look at the details surrounding the 7.7 quake off the west cost of Canada. I zoomed in on the general area, filtering out details of all the others going on worldwide. I was shocked to see that there had been 51 smaller quakes/tremors in that area that day after the big one which happened at 3.40am my time. Surely not normal and rather unsettling. But nothing reported in the media about all these others….


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