Poás Volcano erupts in Costa Rica

October 29, 2012 COSTA RICA The Poas Volcano early Sunday awoke residents of the province of Alajuela with a strong rumble. At about 1 a.m., the volcano’s crater ejected mud and ash more than 500 meters into the air. Ashes traveled hundreds of meters around the national park, rangers reported. Although the volcano is frequently active, this kind of strong explosion has not been recorded since 2006. Experts said the activity was normal, but they will continue monitoring the volcano. Poás Volcano National Park will remain open to tourists while experts determine if there is any risk to visitors. –On October 24, Costa Rica was struck by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. –Tico Times
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2 Responses to Poás Volcano erupts in Costa Rica

  1. jackson says:

    I never would have expected for a volcano to erupt there!
    😦 sad…


  2. jackson says:

    whats even sadder is that before it erupted it got hit by an earthquake! that = double sad! 😦 😦


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