Opposite behaviors? Arctic sea ice shrinks, Antarctic grows

October 27, 2012CLIMATEThe steady and dramatic decline in the sea ice cover of the Arctic Ocean over the last three decades has become a focus of media and public attention. At the opposite end of the Earth, however, something more complex is happening. A new NASA study shows that from 1978 to 2010 the total extent of sea ice surrounding Antarctica in the Southern Ocean grew by roughly 6,600 square miles every year, an area larger than the state of Connecticut. And previous research by the same authors indicates that this rate of increase has recently accelerated, up from an average rate of almost 4,300 square miles per year from 1978 to 2006. “There’s been an overall increase in the sea ice cover in the Antarctic, which is the opposite of what is happening in the Arctic,” said lead author Claire Parkinson, a climate scientist with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. “However, this growth rate is not nearly as large as the decrease in the Arctic.” The Earth’s poles have very different geographies. The Arctic Ocean is surrounded by North America, Greenland and Eurasia. These large landmasses trap most of the sea ice, which builds up and retreats with each yearly freeze-and-melt cycle. But a large fraction of the older, thicker Arctic sea ice has disappeared over the last three decades. The shrinking summer ice cover has exposed dark ocean water that absorbs sunlight and warms up, leading to more ice loss. On the opposite side of the planet, Antarctica is a continent circled by open waters that let sea ice expand during the winter but also offer less shelter during the melt season. Most of the Southern Ocean’s frozen cover grows and retreats every year, leading to little perennial sea ice in Antarctica. Using passive-microwave data from NASA’s Nimbus 7 satellite and several Department of Defense meteorological satellites, Parkinson and colleague Don Cavalieri showed that sea ice changes were not uniform around Antarctica. Most of the growth from 1978 to 2010 occurred in the Ross Sea, which gained a little under 5,300 square miles of sea ice per year, with more modest increases in the Weddell Sea and Indian Ocean. At the same time, the region of the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas lost an average of about 3,200 square miles of ice every year. Parkinson and Cavalieri said that the mixed pattern of ice growth and ice loss around the Southern Ocean could be due to changes in atmospheric circulation. Recent research points at the depleted ozone layer over Antarctica as a possible culprit. Ozone absorbs solar energy, so a lower concentration of this molecule can lead to a cooling of the stratosphere (the layer between six and 30 miles above the Earth’s surface) over Antarctica. At the same time, the temperate latitudes have been warming, and the differential in temperatures has strengthened the circumpolar winds flowing over the Ross Ice Shelf. “Winds off the Ross Ice Shelf are getting stronger and stronger, and that causes the sea ice to be pushed off the coast, which generates areas of open water, polynyas,” said Josefino Comiso, a senior scientist at NASA Goddard. –Space Daily
“The Arctic Ice sheet’s albedo ratio diminishes, as the size of the Arctic ice cap shrinks. The whole runaway process compromises the system further. At the other end of the globe; nearly the opposite effect occurs. Plunging temperatures increases the density of the Antarctica ice shelf- and the danger rises not from sublimation; but from massive fracturing and the seismic slippage of large ice sheets, as sub-glacial volcanism intensifies.” –The Extinction Protocol, p. 126
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7 Responses to Opposite behaviors? Arctic sea ice shrinks, Antarctic grows

  1. randa says:

    I have been wondering about this for years. I think it has to do with the huge facility they have at Antarctica ~ both on and beneath the surface.

    Also remember that New Zealand can no longer land their planes at the Antarctic airstrip because it is melting so fast that it now may be too dangerous.

    When I lived in New Zealand in the early 1990’s I became aware that there were tests being done on the chemtrail spraying program. I do not know where the tests were done, but it is possible they were doing them in Antarctica which may explain the difference in the ice melt from the Arctic. Remember that huge ozone hole over NZ and Australia a few decades ago? Well it wasn’t caused by industrial waste from the northern hemisphere.

    I have permanent damage to my lungs going on 20 years now from living in New Zealand. It’s like being burned from the inside. I’m sure it was from chemtrail testing and not the privet, but I don’t know if they were doing those tests at Antarctica or Rakiura (Stewart Island). Mind you, it’s based totally on my intuition, nothing scientific.


  2. Kat says:

    Clif High has suggested that a mega-calving of the Antartic ice sheet, in sections as large as Florida, or greater, could be the culprit in the world wide catastrophic tsunamis that Far Sight Institute remote viewers have predicted. A series of immense waves taking out the coastlines around the world. Results in TEOTWAWKI. The remote viewers time line perceived the destruction having been complete by June 2013. Check out Webbot at Half Past Human, Clif’s Wujo series, and Courtney Brown from Far Sight Institute.


  3. Kat says:

    Also interesting to note, earthquakes and volcanic activity is on the increase in Antartica, making the break up of the ice sheet in large sections a greater possibility. And as in the case in Greenland, the volcanic activity tends to melt a lot of ice quickly, causing immense flooding…


  4. tonic says:

    I can now do a “see I told you so” to some people who have thrown doubt on my belief in the T.E.P. book. But in a way I wish they had proved me wrong.
    It doesn’t get easier or more relaxing after page 126.


  5. dan says:

    earth axis tilt extravaganza lol


  6. Jason Cabinum says:

    Maybe the changing of seasons has something to do with this. You know how when it is winter in the north it is summer in the south and vice versa… I imagine there would be an increase on one end and a decrease on the other.


  7. Its the Earth’s self-healing actions and there will be massive elimination of both physical and spiritual consciousness once the South becomes the North on exact position…..


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