Tremors reported at giant Louisiana sinkhole

October 26, 2012 LOUISIANA A sharp tremor was recorded by USGS monitors just after 9 p.m. Wednesday at the site of the giant Louisiana sinkhole in Assumption Parish. The giant sinkhole appeared in August near the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou areas. The Assumption Parish Police Jury says the tremor was large enough that the body wave phases could easily be identified. A body wave travels through the interior of the earth. The preliminary location of the tremor was just SE of Oxy #3 cavern at a depth of 500m.  There is no additional information specific to this seismic activity at this time. The sinkhole is now about four acres in size. Residents were forced from their homes on August third, two months after the bayous started bubbling. They are still evacuated from their homes. –WAFB
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8 Responses to Tremors reported at giant Louisiana sinkhole

  1. Janet Smith says:

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a “tremor” and an “earthquake”? I regularly check the usgs earthquake web site and they have not shown any earthquakes for this area. I have been following this story for a couple of months now and worry that pandora’s box may have been opened. I saw a news clip on the Lake Peigneur drilling accident which happened in the 1980s and it is my understanding that the area and waters around there are still contaminated. Drilling does provide jobs but the fear is, at what cost? This story is just beginning….


    • They have made swiss cheese of this area by all the drilling. ENE News has great updates and has great news on it too. I use the Recent Helicorder Displays @ to see how the deterioration is progressing. Methane is on the move in the Marcellus Basin too there have been reports of Geysers and methane leaks at abandoned wells and basements in the PA area where they are fracking since June. Also strange reports of manhole covers being blown off in Glens Falls, NY blamed on underground electrical vault fire. My husband says “No way, they are to stay self contained and couldn’t possibly blown manhole covers into the air unless a gas was introduced.” He is a union electrician with 35 years experience. There is either a cover up or they really don’t get it. Methane is on the move! I now have a sink hole in the field 5 feet from my back yard 2 1/2 dia and over 5 foot deep last checked but it is under mining its self threatening to get bigger so we are going to take methane readings before we begin filling it in.Lived here in the Finger Lakes 50 years never have seen any thin like this.


    • Griff says:

      The difference between a tremor and an earthquake is the choice of words depending on if the media wishes to incite fear or play down an event. Simple, huh? And they use this everyday in nearly every news story. Wake up, America.
      And I’m a geologist by the way. Griff


  2. Louise says:

    Bonjour à tous…
    Je ne sais pas si cela intéresse…
    Mais du côté de Yellowstone…les essaims de séisme recommencent…island park Id.


  3. Kimm says:

    Thank you, for taking the time to keep up with all of this. God bless you.


  4. nanoduck says:

    We know so little about the geology of the area. There are lots of salt domes and oil in the Gulf and the surrounding area, and they are close to the New Madrid fault. It is well known fact that if you accidentally puncture a salt dome and let water rush in, the water will keep on rushing in and dissolving the salt, swallowing the surrounding landscape in the process. That actually happened in the 80’s in the same area when oil company accidentally drilled into a salt mine below. The hole size of the pipe quickly grew and swallowed a lake along with boats in them. I wonder what really happened in the BP oil spill, all that oil gushing out and releasing pressure on the Gulf sea floor. It all can’t be good.


  5. Rhonda says:

    I really believe with Yellowstone, New Madrid, the methane gas sinkhole in Louisiana, and now the perfect storm, America is in for a judgement the world has never seen. Get extra food, blankets and water and pray for one another. You all are such a comfort to me. I see the headlines and I KNOW what is coming. But the world just laughs at us. (I get a general idea how Noah felt when he built his ark)


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