69: Kuril’s Alaid volcano wakes up from 16 year slumber with eruption

October 26, 2012KURIL ISLANDS The Kuril Island volcano named Alaid, in Russia’s Far East has begun spewing ash with the giant ash cloud rising to an altitude of up to 700 meters. The Alaid Volcano is the tallest and northernmost volcano in the islands, with a crater which is approximately 1.5-km-wide. The first signs of activity were recorded on October 7th when thermal anomalies were observed a cloud of steam appeared. Volcanologists are issuing warnings regarding the likelihood of an eruption of ash emissions which may reach a height of 10-15 kilometers above sea level. The volcano last erupted in 1996. –Voice of Russia
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6 Responses to 69: Kuril’s Alaid volcano wakes up from 16 year slumber with eruption

  1. rose says:

    lots going on folks


  2. skywalker says:

    the list of active volcanoes grows daily, cant be many left now that ” haven’t” woken up this year


  3. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    Just another 13 volcanoes to blow up to equal the last record set in 2010…

    Alvin, what is the most number of eruptions including multiple eruptions by the same volcano?


  4. journeyofthehummingbird says:

    seems like a new energy has interrupted the solar system, perhaps even the entire galaxy…causing the outer planets and inner planets to storm and heat…and volcanoes to excite.
    The sun is very active as we head into solar max 2013.


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