New study suggests: Heat prolonged ancient extinctions

October 25, 2012EARTH European scientists say they’ve discovered why a “dead zone” following the worst extinction of all time lasted so long — it was simply too hot to survive. Researchers have studied what happened after a mass extinction around 250 million years ago in the pre-dinosaur era wiped out nearly all the world’s species. Such mass extinctions are usually followed by a “dead zone” — during which new species are not seen — lasting some tens of thousands of years, but the event of 250 millions years ago was followed by a dead zone lasting a puzzling 5 million years, they said. A study led by the University of Leeds with colleagues in Germany and China shows the cause of this lengthy devastation was a temperature rise to lethal levels in the tropics: around 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit on land at 104 degrees at the sea surface. “Global warming has long been linked to the end-Permian mass extinction, but this study is the first to show extreme temperatures kept life from re-starting in Equatorial latitudes for millions of years,” said Yadong Sun, who is completing his doctorate at Leeds. Water temperatures near the ocean’s surface of 104 degrees would be a near-lethal value at which marine life dies and photosynthesis stops, the researchers said. Until now, climate modelers have assumed sea-surface temperatures cannot exceed 86 degrees. The dead zone would have been a strange world, the researchers said, with no forests, only shrubs and ferns, no fish or marine reptiles in the tropics, and virtually no land animals because their high metabolic rate made it impossible to deal with the extreme temperatures. Only the polar regions would have provided a refuge from the baking heat, they said. –Terra Daily
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13 Responses to New study suggests: Heat prolonged ancient extinctions

  1. Gavriel says:

    That would be fine if the earth was actually 250M yeas old which it isn’t, and if scientists had anyway to proof this BS theory which they don’t. So why do they keep throwing these millions of years hypotheses at us expecting all to be in awe at there vast wisdom and knowledge? Because they are so blind and so totally wrapped up in these ridiculous THEORIES that they hope the more they write this rubbish the more the gullible will believe – believe in their unprovable and fictional rational they call science. The truth is, this earth is very young less than 10000 years and most science including fossils can be explained with one book, and it isn’t one made from the mind of a man, woman or child. But hey the blind can believe what ever they like, they will not see the impending tragedy that will unfold across the globe as predicted because they’re too busy trying to disprove and refute Truth. Its so sad.


    • nickk0 says:

      Gavriel – The truth is, No one, really and truly ‘knows’.
      The best that mankind can do, is “put together” his theories, based upon the available evidence.
      Perhaps the earth is younger…. or maybe even OLDER than they currently think. 🙂 No one can say with absolute certainty.


    • pagan66 says:

      Apart from the fallible Christian Bible, which other sources – religious OR scientific – claim that the Earth is only 10,000 years old? I live in a part of the world where human oral traditions have been passed down through the generations for well over 35,000 years, where certain cave & rock paintings have been dated at over 60,000 years, eons before religion or science violated Mans conciousness. When I walk through my beloved forest & swim in the ocean I can feel the pulse & power of this place & my heart knows how ancient & sacred this truly is.

      There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
      Than are dreamt of in your philosophy – Shakespeare



  2. journeyofthehummingbird says:

    so, some extinctions were followed by a time of intense heat….others followed by times of intense cold (ice ages)?
    what is interesting about this current extinction period…are the new species that seem to be arriving..amongst the extinction of the others…seemingly unprecedented?


  3. radiogirl says:

    Not by ice….by fire…


  4. Gav says:

    It’s interesting how the Scriptures written over 3000 years ago speak of dinosaurs living amongst man, speaks of a flood of epic proportions both which are relevant to those seeking answers to where we are going as a race and temporary occupiers of this planet but, most ignore it because for generations lies have been taught to hide the Truth.
    In all documented history there are no actual cases of evolution because there is no such thing. Man was created and created for a purpose, and whether we like it or not the beginning from the end has been documented for all to see. This is also a warning for man kind, a warning that to a large degree has gone unheeded so the consequences of that ignorance and stiff necked arrogance will be the undoing of many. On one book tells us where we began, where all nations come from, and what will happen in the last days. Guess what, a lot of the things written about 3000 years ago and confirmed 2000 years ago are upon us, and time is very short. Man made science that is based on nothing but theories is no different to Darwinism, fabricated and a waste of time.


  5. Gail says:

    The whole thing sounds stupid at best. If nothing could live in this heat, then why are there people existing today along with cats, dogs, horses, etc.? Under their theory, everything would have been wiped out and its doubtful that there would be such a vast array of living creatures today.


  6. Sue says:

    Awesome comment Gavriel! I love the truth and finding another one of God’s own. journeyofthehummingbird, I enjoyed yours as well…a free thinker.

    What a great little community. A community that one day will be a very mighty people. Thanks and may God continue to bless you in and for all your efforts, Alvin.


    • Gavriel says:

      Thank you, I appreciate that. As you a time is coming when the trap will be sprung as in the days of Noach or Noah and those who reject Truth and life according to their stiff necked ways will face an awful time of tribulation and then His wrath as clearly we are heading into. Take care and Shalom.


      • brooklynjg says:


        Honestly, I’d prefer to face a time of “awful,,, tribulation” from my “stiff necked way” than spend eternity with such self righteous souls.

        Fundamentally, God is love-nothing else matters.

        I wish you peace.



      • Gavriel says:

        Jane, if you cannot handle what Scripture clearly states then you should expect nothing less. This is what is written and i totally agree with it. People who would rather live according to their lusts and greed rather than the way Our Father in Heaven demands. I would rather live according to His demands than follow blind people into a pit – we all have a choice and people like you appear to have decided who and what they follow, but from i can see that is most of man kind – as i said, like the days of Noah….


  7. pagan66 says:

    It seems so very easy for some to label others as lustful & greedy & threaten them with Divine retribution from their wrathful God. How sad it really is. I really, really, REALLY hope that one day – & there are not so many days left for us anymore – people will stop pushing their own personal brand of God worship down each others throats, yet I fear that this shall never be. It seems that some seek to blot out all religious wisdom & personal choice but their own & it’s as if they are trying to banish all forms of mystery except that which fits snugly within their own Faith. For I will say from my heart that all the Gods are one God & there is & only ever has been one Creator and so to every man his own Truth & the God within.

    Please, Peace

    Hope you are well Alvin my friend, been in seclusion. Much love & light as always.


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