Northern Iceland shaken by moderate earthquakes and tremors

October 21, 2012 ICELANDA 4.8 and 5.7 earthquake struck north of Iceland near Siglufjörður, which is home to a thriving community built along the inner coastline. The quakes struck along the northern end of the divergent rift or Mid-Atlantic Ridge that runs through the center of Iceland. The quakes ignited a swarm of hundreds of tremors. A series of 3.0+ magnitude tremors have also occurred in the vicinity of the Krafla volcano, which last erupted in 1985. The Krafla central volcano, located NE of Myvatn Lake, is a topographically indistinct 10-km-wide caldera that is cut by a N-S-trending fissure system. Eruption of a rhyolitic welded tuff about 100,000 years ago was associated with formation of the caldera. Krafla has been the source of many rifting and eruptive events during the Holocene, including two in historical time, during 1724-29 and 1975-84. –The Extinction Protocol
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6 Responses to Northern Iceland shaken by moderate earthquakes and tremors

  1. Shelley says:

    Central Cali just had a 5.5 – about 8:50pm PST. A whole lot of changes happening here everyone, stay aware and stay safe. Alvin, as always, hats off to you for keeping us posted!



  2. robindatta says:

    5.3 tremor here in central California 2012.10.20.2355.06 local time: quite a nice shake.


  3. Kaos says:

    (Not earth directed).

    Strong Solar Flare.
    A strong solar flare reaching M9.0 was detected around new Sunspot 1598 at 18:14 UTC Saturday afternoon. This active region continues to rotate into view off the eastern limb.

    Solar activity is now at higher levels thanks to new Sunspot 1598. The active region rotated into view on Saturday and has produced several solar flares, including a M9.0 event on Saturday afternoon. Sunspot 1598 is not yet in good position for Earth directed solar flares, however this will change in the days ahead.

    This new region is quite large.


  4. yamkin says:

    Iceland authorities currently has the max magnitude at 5.2. Looks like USGS are over cooking the magnitude 5.7


  5. tonic says:

    Reads like a relief valve for magma. Volcanic activity will probably be nill while this carries on. Afterwards, could be a different story.


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