6 Responses to Treacherous waters: Iran’s secret plan to contaminate the Strait of Hormuz?

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I remember the 1st Gulf war in 1991 in that Sadam Hussein ordered oil wells to be set on fire to hamper coalition aircraft from conducting airstrikes and he polluted the northern part of the persian gulf with by releasing oil. Both were environmental disasters.

    If Iran wanted to “temporarily” contaminate the strait, then could we be looking a
    Biological agent, sink oil tankers in the strait loaded with oil and set the leaking oil afire, a non-persistant chemical agent or explode a dirty bomb.
    Any disruption would send prices in the US over 6.00 and California probably 10.00.
    The devil and his crew never gets tired………………..


  2. Irene C says:

    To call Jafari a hardliner is an understatement. To create an environmental disaster for spite is unspeakable. If this plan is true, I pray it will be stopped.


  3. John F Cook says:

    Probably a psy-op lie. I can’t see any way that some spilt oil would stop shipping. If they really wanted to stop the oil passing through the straits all they have to do is tell the insurance companies that they will sink the next crude carrier to try it. They absolutely Can do that, easily, they have anti-ship missiles (notably the “SunBurn” series) that are a real threat to even heavily defended US aircraft carriers, sinking an unarmed, undefended oil tanker would be a piece of cake.


    • StevenJ says:

      John: I agree – a large oil spill would likely only slow things down for a very short time but not stop tanker transits. However, the sinking of a full tanker (or two) certainly would, but only if it was done at one of the choke points. Problem would be in how to stage it to look like an accident, instead of a belligerent attack as that would prompt a massive strike against the perpetrator. Either way, it’s only a matter of time – Once sanctions really start hurting them, they WILL make good on their threats to close the Straits…


  4. Michael says:

    Iran won’t do anything until they are attacked. What would it bring them to shoot first or pollute the shipping lane. NOTHING. Clinton is so getting so frustrated and desperate that nothing is making them move its getting funny to see her loose her cool. Same storey goes for Syria. Why on earth would Assad start shelling Turkey. To better the situation he’s in? Against a neighbor 7 times the strength of his own army. Psy-ops. What the hell happened to common sense!


  5. Stefan says:

    More western propaganda…..

    Time to seek info from alternative news instead. They tell the real truth about what is going on in our world. Not this propaganda BS.

    I stopped listen to this BS a while ago, now i spread the info all over the globe with help from other people around the world that are fed up with the mainsteam news and their lies….


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