More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs, Nevada

October 16, 2012 NEVADASome rattling and rolling in the area has earthquake experts on alert. In the past week more than 100 small earthquakes have shaken the earth beneath Spanish Springs. So far they’ve been too small to feel, but quake experts want you to know they’re happening. There’s no reason to panic – but it’s a good reminder to make sure you’re prepared. “People can consider certain mitigation steps in case these earthquakes increase in intensity and there’s a larger one,” said Ken Smith, associate director of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory. Smith says most injuries from earthquakes are caused by falling or flying objects – and you don’t want to wait for a big quake to get ready. “Secure your water heaters. Secure your valuables. Secure your book cases,” Smith said. It’s not strange for a dozen quakes this size to happen in a week, but there have been at least 115 since October 8, and about 60 of those have been since Thursday. “These things are totally unpredictable,” Smith said. “It could stop today, or it could keep going at a level of very small events that no one would feel.” Or they could get stronger. So far, they’re small – with the biggest two quakes shaking at magnitude one – but there’s potential for one that really rocks Reno. “We have faults around here that are capable of magnitude seven type events,” Smith said. So this week the Great Nevada Shakeout will teach people to drop, cover and hold-on just in case there’s a big quake. It’s Nevada’s largest earthquake drill and it’s this Thursday, October 18 at 10:18 am. –KRNV
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6 Responses to More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs, Nevada

  1. Chris Gerber says:

    Common sense speculation dictates that these small (not felt) earthquakes are a result of the northward slippage at the San Andreas fault and environs… if it is slipping this little bit at the insistance of the pressure.. sooner or later it is going to give way … be prepared.


  2. Therese Denbeck says:

    Thank You this is an area of interest. I was curious if and when I would see something.


  3. Countrygirl says:

    4.6 quake in Maine?? A friend just reported his house was shaking pretty bad about 25 mins ago! No damage but they are pretty shocked to say the least. Alvin how unusual are quakes in Maine?? I am from New England and we never had an earthquake that I can remember! Just can’t help but feel this is an ominous sign…


  4. Crikey mate says:

    Just to let you all know we in the UK have had a few earthquakes today too, in Manchester a 2.5 – 3 this morning and an aftershock and then I felt one here in Stockport this afternoon, it only lasted a couple of seconds but it seems strange that we should be getting earth tremors just now aswell ???


    • Chris Gerber says:

      Crikey, Here is a link to the USGS ( I am in America). They keep track of worldwide earthquakes and plot them on a world map…. You might consider their monitoring service as well. I am sure that the UK has something similar too. There are to be an increase in earthquakes, weather related events and volcanic activity as we approach the end times, (my belief, I don’t know if it is yours). Pays to pay attention.


      • Crikey mate says:

        Many thanks for your reply, the English version of USGS is hopeless, I always follow your version. I certainly do believe we are in the end times!!!! Have you seen the volcanic seismicity maps recently, The planet is on fire as well as shaking, rattling and rolling, I think we are well past the beginning of birth pains and that we are now in full blown 6 minute contractional labour!! By the way did you have a sunset as spectacular as ours tonight?? There are amazing sunsets being reported all over the world and some very interesting photos too. Mount Fuji is rumbling as well !!! Surely now would be a good time for the rapture ?!?


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