8 Responses to Turkey and Syria on the brink of all-out war

  1. I wonder what good ol Russia will think about this? It seem that the elements for syria bringing the chemical weapons out may come into play very soon.


    • John F Cook says:

      Chemical weapons would be useless in the counterinsurgency type war Syria is waging against the NATO terrorists. If we hear stories about them it will almost certainly be as part of the excuse they need to formally invade yet another independent Country in that region.


  2. John F Cook says:

    Why does the author assume it is the Syrian authorities sending these mortar rounds into Turkey? All the evidence and the logic of self-interest says that Syria would be mad to do this – whereas it is greatly to the advantage of the NATO backed terrorists attacking Syria to do it.


  3. nickk0 says:

    As if we don’t have enough to worry about:

    As one reader commented at the end of the article…. The Chessboard, is coming alive. 😦


  4. Irene C says:

    Nation against nation. And I’ve heard that the US will have some boots on the ground in Jordan in case this spreads further. Sorry, I don’t have a link, but something to research.



  5. B.BAIN says:

    Only a fool would believe a country with a civil war would look to take it outside its boarders to another country. A war with turkey means a war with NATO. That’s like Poland starting the war with Germany. The people of the U.S. are the only people who like to case boogie men around the world. Its only good for the bottom line of military corporations.


  6. tonic says:

    A country with a civil war is also prone to being just a pawn. It may have allies with alternative motives.


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