6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes volcanic islands near Antarctica

October 9, 2012ANTARTICAA preliminary 6.4magnitude earthquake struck 452 miles northwest of the Balleny Islands region early this morning at 2:32 a.m., but presented no tsunami threat to Hawaii, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The earthquake struck at a depth of about 6.3 miles. The Balleny Islands are a series of uninhabited volcanic islands that are part of Antarctica. –Star Advisor
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2 Responses to 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes volcanic islands near Antarctica

  1. Mark Owen says:

    The earth is definetly changing people I hope when it is all said and done we have the wherewithall to stick together as inhabitants of this ever changing ball of rock and sea water see you all on the other side of the bad times and start over making new good times.


  2. Sue says:

    I like comments more than articles sometimes and this is an interesting one in regard to the growing sinkhole in Louisiana:

    “Heads up. The Salt Dome disaster is now admittedly NOT just the salt dome, but is the entire Mississippi Aluvial Aquafer. Go here enenews.com for backstories, particularly from 10/8/12. Read my comments in the comments section. Seven states are potential blow out areas for the methane and butane (Simmons, 2010 Some say he was assassinated because he SAID this would happen.) that has pushed past fractured limestone and now is bubbling up, some say all the way to the St. Lawrence Seaway, but definately 80 miles north in the Lake Peigneur area…site of a sinkhole that decades ago took down many barges into a maelstrom! Officials admitted that if the bottom of the Bayou Corne salt dome sink hole had been breached, there was nothing that could be done. Then they said it had been breached. Then they said an “unknown gas” (??? ‘scuse me? After this started the first week in August they don’t know the what the gas is? Well, er, of course they do!) was in the acquafer…not the drinking water…but in the aquafer, which is the Mississippi Aluvial Acqufer. The only upside to this disaster (the only if is how BIG the disaster will be) is that eventually it may have happened anyway, but…has most likely been caused now by this… the boring through what some say was the earth’s mantle in the New Horizon rig disaster… and then, the subsequent slowing of the gulf stream waters, which then accelerated the melt of the mega-methane pocket under the gulf and then shooting its toxic, flammable gases up the Mississippi aluvial plane. It has been stated that anything above 75 psi WILL cause a massive explosion of toxic gases…whether they ignite in a fireball or not. SO…things may NOT BE AS THEY SEEM. It may be the case that the FEMA coffins, the 1.6 Rounds of Ammunitions ordered by the DHS, et al are not exactly how you may have viewed them.” end quote

    …never a dull moment, eh? We know ‘they’ are up to something big…bigger than 911. No fear except for God. Merely watchful and looking at all the possibilities. I love and appreciate your site, Alvin and the people who gather here.


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