7 Responses to Fuse lit in Middle East: Escalation of tensions in Gaza, clashes intensify between Syria and Turkey

  1. Irene C says:

    Actually, I believe the fuse has been lit, it’s just getting shorter. And unless the fuse is extinguished, we will hear a big Kaboom.


  2. Curiosity King says:

    I am very suspicious about this drone that Israel has shot down Alvin, what do you think?
    To me it seems like the false flag we have been waiting for so they can attack Iran!
    I have also read that Israel has accused Iran of only being a few months away from a nuclear weapon since the early 90’s.

    Something smells fishy!!!!


    • One of the things I’ve always encouraged here is research; investigation, experimentation, and observation. It behooves all to look deeper at the events quickly unfolding in that region of the world. Every country in the region now appears to be on a hair-trigger awaiting a spark.



  3. tonic says:

    Everyday it seems like, each of these countries takes a step forward into a zone that they cannot step back from.
    And this has also being occuring in economics around the world. One step forward but no step back.
    And it feels like someone sold the pause button,… probably for loads of money.


  4. Giom (Mann) says:

    Curiosity King, is smelling the dead fish the media is spreading around. It has become popular to distrust Israel while the real culprits all the Arabs. This is exactly what was predicted for the end times.


  5. Christopher says:

    Iran back engineered the RQ-170. The drone was an helicopter made with fiberglass that is radar absorbent, which why they could not see it enter Israel’s airspace.


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