10 Responses to Iranian police clash with protesters over currency plunge

  1. Mike UK says:

    A dangerous game the UK, France and Germany are playing, it could be regarded as a declaration of war?


  2. king Kevin says:

    This is wrong. The Iranian people have done nothing yet they will be the ones who suffer because of our demanding power. I just don’t see how ruining an entire countries lives helps anyone, because it sure desn’t help our popularity. No wonder so many countries despise us… I’m beginning to


  3. StevenJ says:

    If the suppression of the Syrian people has been brutal, it will pale in comparison to what will (and already may be) happen in Iran. Not to mention the very real possibility that Iran will lash out militarily (i.e. Israel, western bases in the region, Strait of Hormuz) in response to this new development/crisis.


  4. nanoduck says:

    I think Iran will now have no choice to go to war. I feel sorry for Iranians….there are many good people there and they are victims of bad regime.


  5. TexasRedNeck says:

    I really feel sorry for the average Iranian’s, I believe that they are like us they just want to live in peace without any wars and without senseless leaders and dictators.


  6. Moco says:

    Are the banksters good or what?
    We are all going to get the thumping of our life. Don’t hold your breath, live some llfe but we will see what damage has been done.
    Evil has become the ruling force.
    We are spiritually weak and show it.


  7. Irene C says:

    Very interesting situation here. They hate the West (U.S.) but they seem to need our dollar. Hmmm…


  8. Emanni says:

    Defecting Iranian cameraman brings CIA priceless film of secret nuclear sites

    From his years as a member of the loyal Bassij militia, the cameraman earned the complete trust of Iran’s security services and was able to reach his professional pinnacle as personal photographer for the two most eminent figures in the country, Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, with the task of recording their most confidential pursuits


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