Louisiana sinkhole grows, hits Assumption business and home values

September 30, 2012LOUISIANA The sinkhole in Assumption Parish keeps getting bigger.  The parish’s director of homeland security and emergency preparedness, John Boudreaux, says a 15-hundred square foot section of the earth caved in last week, pulling down several trees and part of a road. The road that caved in was built to assist in the cleanup efforts. The sinkhole is about four acres in size and has grown since it emerged on August third. 150 homes in two nearby communities are evacuated as a result of the sinkhole. Experts believe an underground brine cavern encased in a salt dome could be the cause of the sink hole. Sonar testing inside the cavern began a few days ago. Boudreaux says an unknown substance was found at the bottom of the cavern. “The substance could be soil and sand that now has entered the cavern that created the sinkhole.” Scientists are still trying to determine precisely why the hole appeared. Residents and businesses in the area are growing increasingly concerned that it may swallow up their investments.  The hole filled with sludge and muck as it swallowed hundreds of yards of swampland. Area residents have been worried not only by tremors, possibly caused by natural gas shifting underground in or near the dome, but also by concerns the value of their homes and business could suffer. –WWL
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13 Responses to Louisiana sinkhole grows, hits Assumption business and home values

  1. Cisco says:

    7.4 EQ in Colombia!!


  2. TexasRedNeck says:

    Explosion’s are a real concern around the sink hole, some highly volatile hydro-carbons are stored in the salt dome, this could cause a major problem for hundreds of miles in all directions if a series of explosions were to occur.


  3. Montana Jim says:

    I think something from the other side had a hand in this one.


  4. Irene C says:

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to watch the earth disappear, swallowing up everything in it’s path. Frightening thought.


  5. Morgean says:

    I find it rather strange / unsettling that people are basically worried about their investments. No mention of their health? At the same time, health issues are probably being ignored or not mentioned by msm.


    • Nibikwe says:

      If this sinkhole is related to ‘fracking’ then it is all about the money isn’t it? Proprietary ‘secret’ chemical from horizontal hydraulic shale gas drilling possibly the mystery substance found in the cavern, but the citizens of Assumption Parrish will not be privy to that information. Interesting how this industry is drilling, despoiling and poisoning land, air and water like there’s no tomorrow.


  6. Warren H. says:

    Can someone please elaborate on this story and find if there are any other monster sink holes in the United states or around the world?? Is the sink hole connected to a fault line, or leigh line??


  7. CWE says:

    There is still much information that is not public. I guess when you see all the government and corporate people loading up and leaving quickly you all will know its time to get the hell out….. Our government is so out of control, not informing the public over all these situations throughout the U.S.


  8. I feel so bad for these people.
    Found this a very interesting read.


  9. Video of a fly over of the site.


  10. Emanni says:

    Gas below La. sink hole could explode and millions of pounds of bombs on gulf sea floor

    Quoting someone who lives in the area, “I live in south louisiana and the local news isn’t speaking about this any more. Haven’t heard it from local sources since the hole opened up. They are blackog it out here”


  11. Noticing that people are losing it all around me. Trying to cling on to thier last vestages of sanity.
    Endtime madness is at it’s peak around the Gulf Region and all over the country. Everyone around me is broke financially and need so much help. Keep your friends close people it is not going to get any easier for a while, Stock up on Foods, can, dehydrate and store water.


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