6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Solomon Islands region

September 28, 2012SOLOMON ISLANDSA quake measuring magnitude 6.0 hit off the Solomon Islands today, but Australian seismologists said there was little risk of a tsunami. The US Geological Survey put the quake at 6.0-magnitude some 272 kilometers west-northwest of the capital Honiara. With a depth of about 9 kilometers, it was about 112 kilometers southeast of the western city of Gizo. Geoscience Australia measured the quake at about 6.2-magnitude but said it was unlikely to create a tsunami or cause serious damage in the capital. “It’s just off the plate boundary so it’s a normal-sized earthquake and positioning for the area,” seismologist Hugh Glanville told AFP. “It’s not too close to Honiara. There’s a local city with a population of about 6,000 or so that might get a bit of damage,” he said in reference to Gizo. “But the majority of the population is a bit too far away to suffer more than a bit of shaking. And the population in the area is pretty sparse really.” Glanville also said the quake was too small to generate a tsunami. “Generally a local tsunami starts at about 6.5 (magnitude). It’s always possible, but it’s just extremely rare that it would generate a tsunami,” he said. “It’s just one of the plate boundary earthquakes along the Ring of Fire that normally happens in this area.” The Solomon Islands form part of the Ring of Fire, a zone of tectonic activity around the Pacific Ocean that is subject to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In 2007 a tsunami following an 8.1-magnitude earthquake killed at least 52 people in the Solomons and left thousands homeless. –Indian Express
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2 Responses to 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Solomon Islands region

  1. curtsil says:

    Man the earth is really shaking and rattling all over. Is this quake due the the break up of the Info Australian techtonic plate breakup? That I read about yesterday? Everything seems to be falling into place for something much bigger to happen. I swear it’s like living the beginning part of the movie 2012 everything starts slowly and the world scientists say nothing is wrong!!! I think that we all better stock up and pray very hard. Take care god bless.


  2. neeka says:

    Something is definitley going on. its scary. i wont be surprised when something like the devastating quake in Japan happens in the u.s. . im in Arizona and the moment i feel a quake that’ll be the day i say “oh shit “


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