West Nile virus kills 5 in Balkans, dozens in hospital

September 22, 2012BALKANS At least five people in the Balkans have died from West Nile virus and several dozen others have been hospitalized in the past four weeks, according to health authorities in Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia. West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne disease usually found in temperate and tropical regions. While many cases are mild and have no symptoms, severe disease symptoms can include headaches, high fever, neck stiffness, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness and paralysis. Kosovo confirmed its first fatality on Wednesday, saying the victim was a woman from central Kosovo who died on Sept 14. Macedonia’s health officials said on Thursday one woman had died and two other people were infected with the virus. A spokesman for the Kosovo Health Ministry told Reuters on Thursday two other people who died recently were also suspected of having the same virus, but the cases had not been confirmed with laboratory blood tests. The United States is currently experiencing one of its worst outbreaks of West Nile virus since 2003. In Serbia, three people have died and 35 were hospitalized since mid-August. ‘This is the first time the West Nile virus has been officially registered in Serbia,” the country’s Department for Public Health said in a statement. All the infected people were over 50 and had other chronic diseases, it said. Serbia’s western neighbor Croatia has registered five probable cases of the virus but no deaths. –BDNews24
Measles epidemic Congo An outbreak of measles, which has been raging in Likouala, North-eastern Congo since April, has already killed 22 people, the state-run radio said Friday. The epidemic, which initially hit Liranga and Bétou, have now reached Impfondo and Epena. Following the outbreak, the Ministry of Health Thursday launched a 5-day vaccination campaign against measles in the district. Vaccination teams will travel throughout the localities of Likouala, which since 2009 has sheltered over 100,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who are fleeing inter-ethnic violence in the Equateur province. The country is also struggling with an outbreak of ebola that has killed 32 people. –Afriquejet
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One Response to West Nile virus kills 5 in Balkans, dozens in hospital

  1. tonic says:

    We have advanced greatly in bacterial infection. Most we can take of.
    Viral infection is a different kettle of fish.


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