4 Responses to U.S. Defense Secretary warns Japan-China territorial spat could lead to war; urges calm on both sides

  1. Brian says:

    Hey Alvin, thought id just drop you a note on the goings on in South Africa…
    We are in dyre straights regarding the ANC vs ANCYL ( Zuma vs expelled Malema )
    and threats of a financial war and even the mention of another Arab Spring for South Africa…

    38 miners shot dead by police and 78 wounded, strikers have killed 11 so far : two security guards
    two Police and civilians…

    News links to reference are :- iol news , Mail & Guardian & Times on line ( SA )


  2. Jay777 says:

    And the Bible says ‘in the last days, there will be rumors of war’. The world is about to explode. From Iran to Israel to the US, Syria a mess, Russian troops in Syria, North Korea at the door step of South Korea, Lybia is the wild west, India at odds with Pakistian, England send ships to the gulf, and now China vs Japan over Islands. The world is going to sake soon.


  3. Irene C says:

    War, even a rumor of war, between these two nations is not a good thing. The second missile defense shield is making china nervous, although it’s meant to guard against N. Korea and I’m sure N. Korea is watching carefully what transpires between Japan and china. Add into that mix the 47,000 U.S. troups stationed there, well, if anyone makes a wrong move, it wouldn’t be pretty.


  4. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Sounds like the best thing that could happen is that an earthquake swallows up those islands and no one gets them.


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