14 Responses to ‘Nothing would remain’ of Israel if they attack Iran: ‘we would no longer be committed to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Sounds like a repeat of the cold war between the us and the soviet union.
    One former soviet leader said that if there was a nuclear exchange between the us and them, they would get it in the neck but we would be gone.
    It has been reported in a previous posting regarding and alleged build up of British warships in the Gulf, it just seems that this is an unfolding managed crisis.
    I think we need to take into account that Russia has warned against a western strike against Iran and the results from that.


  2. Joan says:

    Enough, maybe for the oil to be blocked is a correction we need, after all will we ever realize our use and dependence on oil is not worth death. We can and will than focus all our energies on alternative fuel. What I call corrective Positive Recoil. No war; No oil; No pollution; No emptying our wallets supporting negatives. So take your oil; block the straight; even it it takes a twelve step program to stop our addiction to oil – after all, life is to precious to live under the threat of oil costing more than a weeks worth of groceries.


  3. flameofjudah says:

    Just not true. Israel will remain and Iran will disappear because that is what the Creator of our world promised. There may be some harm done but we will not be utterly destroyed. Iran will.


  4. Rosa Lopes says:

    I believe that it is best for all to come into a peaceful solution.


    • Irene C says:

      Oh, there will be a peace treaty signed, promised for 7 years, but only last for 3-1/2. And it will be a false peace at that. There will be no peace until Jesus sets up His kingdom.


  5. Chris Gerber says:

    Committed to the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty??? Oh, that is where a country permits UN inspectors in to see their nuclear facilities… no problem then… I thought Iran was committed to letting UN inspectors in to see their nuclear sites.


  6. Montana Jim says:

    The sad fact is we are moving faster and faster everyday towards World War 3!


  7. Peter says:

    Will the lovers of Jesus and Israel please join me in prayer .. Every night at 3am (Israel time .. Considered the last watch) 8pm .. USA EST.. For the peace of Jerusalem, the protection of all Israelis (including the Arabs), and for the Lord to allow us a little more time to spread the gospel…

    Thank you,
    Blessings and favor to all EP friends…


  8. Irene C says:

    “He said however that this does not mean that Iran would build a nuclear weapon.” Yeah right. Sorry if I sound skeptical.

    I know this is a bit off subject, but I was just reading this article. I have a feeling that things will get much worse.


    Hezbollah Protests Against ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Urged By Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Leader

    KARACHI, Pakistan — Hundreds of Pakistanis protesting an anti-Islam film broke through a barricade near the U.S. Consulate in the southern city of Karachi on Sunday, sparking clashes with police in which one demonstrator was killed and more than a dozen injured.

    In a move that could escalate tensions around the Arab world, the leader of the Hezbollah militant group called for protests against the movie, saying protesters should not only ‘express our anger’ at U.S. embassies but urge leaders to act.



  9. wibbys1 says:

    I’ve read my Bible a bit and I don’t think that is how it plays out. My understanding is it will come down the other way. What is it? Seven months burying the dead? And they are not Israeli dead!


  10. Dennis E. says:

    AM: DENNIS E. HERE. That would/could be Ezekiel’s war 39. 9-15


  11. Wow. Just wow. It never ceases to blow my mind that people can flippantly justify the death of millions upon millions of people just because their chosen “Creator” supposedly deems it so. In all moral seriousness, would it not be so much more humane & intelligent if instead of willing misery & death of such an unimagineable scale, we as a species strive for Peace, Love & Light? – regardless of who we perceive God to be? I find the thought of people wishing for the complete annihilation of an entire country – & if this is achieved actually celebrating such a horror – more scary than anything. Religion has turned Man insane.



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