28 Responses to Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike

  1. Montana Jim says:

    Time will tell what happens. Let us hope we have more time to convince the people to repent!


  2. I can hear the sounds of the sabre rattling from both sides very loudly…. Please Lord protect us.


  3. jeremy says:

    and now we just wait and see who shoots first but one thing is for sure world war 3 will kick off real soon


  4. Irene C says:

    The fuse is primed and I believe it won’t be long until we hear the Kaboom. But I pray that I’m wrong. I pray that our Lord will be with us.



  5. M C says:

    Very scary stuff going over there, one little mishap and these “WAR GAMES” could turn real instantly.

    We know eventually there will be war and probably sooner then we think.

    sad really,
    all that hardware over there and everyone stressing, if they could/would just use all that money and effort at helping each other out the world might just be a little safer, a little better.


  6. Warren H. says:

    They believe it might happen?? So you would waste your time and send a Massive fleet to the gulf?? So it either starts tonight or october 16th??


  7. M.A.D says:

    I can not beleve in the times we live in, that anyone would need anything from anyone, can’t USA stand on there own feet?


  8. Brandon says:

    You have the increasing tensions between Israel and Iran along with the worldwide violence taking place with the embassies. What is going to happen next???


    • All the world’s probelms are festering and building and will explode upon the world scene at one time. The Bible calls this the “Time of Trouble” such as never was since there was a nation Daniel 12:1

      “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.” –Daniel 12:1


  9. Taffyduff says:

    I dont think this is going to be a training exercise. Its all going to kick off this autumn.


  10. arsh says:

    Trailer of modern war


  11. Dan Sherwood says:

    Anyone that has been skeptical in reading the stories posted on here and in your skepticism think you are tired of seeing Alvin give repeated warnings that what you are seeing is just the beginning and that things are going to escalate, need to take his warnings very seriously.
    Just compare the headlines of this story and the seven or so below it to the following scripture references and you can see prophecy coming to life in rapid fashion.
    In Matt. 24:7, Mark 13:8 and Luke 21:11 Jesus describes, a terrible time in the future at the end of the age, when earth quakes, famine, plagues and death, are happening all over the earth. In each case Jesus follows this by telling us that this is just the beginning of that terrible time, and after that, will come the abomination in the temple and the gathering of armies against Jerusalem. Now let’s compare those descriptions to what the Lord revealed to John concerning the Seal Judgments. In Rev. 6:1&2 the Lord breaks the First Seal, and the rider of the white horse is appointed to ride out and conquer in many battles. In Rev. 6:3&4 the Lord breaks the Second Seal, and the rider of the red horse is appointed to banish peace and bring anarchy to the whole earth. In Rev. 6:5&6 the Lord breaks the Third Seal, and the rider of the black horse is appointed to make food costly and scarce. In Rev. 6:7&8 the Lord breaks the Fourth Seal and the rider of the pale horse whose name is Death and he is followed by another rider, whose name was Hell, and they were appointed to kill ¼ of the earth with war, famine, disease, and wild animals. And in Rev. 6:12-14 the Lord breaks the Sixth Seal, and there was a vast earthquake and the sun became dark like black cloth, and the moon was blood red, then the stars of heaven appeared to be falling to earth, and the stars disappeared, and every mountain and island shook and shifted.

    Anyone that has been skeptical in reading the stories posted on here and in your skepticism think you are tired of seeing Alvin give repeated warnings that what you are seeing is just the beginning and that things are going to escalate, need to TAKE HIS WARNING VERY SERIOUSLY.


  12. Debbie says:

    Wow…and so it begins. These exercises are an annual thing?


  13. Channon says:

    Here we go folks! Get ready…..it’s going to get very ugly! It’s all Biblical….may the Lord be with us all.


  14. jade says:

    why would anyone want to attack a country that has nukes? what would be the purpose? because they are only going to retaliate and cause mahem. pointless! unless there is some sort of agenda which of course there has to be. Either to keep us in fear of the threat of war or its just plane greed of control. Our world is run by phsychopaths and maniacs!


  15. Dennis E. says:

    First of all, there are no battleships as we describe battleships, on active duty. Nearly all the Battleships were decommissioned after the 1st Gulf war and all of them were US, built during just before World war II or during it. During President Reagan’s terms in office, World War II Battleships were Retro-Fitted with Cruise Missiles, some with Helo Pads on the aft deck,etc…
    I think the posted article is trying to describe heavy cruisers. The photos are deceptive, seems for for recruiting purposes.

    (not throwing arrows at you Alvin, you just posted this,you didn’t write this)

    The reason why I wasted blogging space to explain about battleships and photos is about accuracy in media. I have very little faith in what is being broadcast on the local and evening news. That is not to mean I am against the USA, I just believed many reporters have lost their objectivity in regard to balanced reporting of the news. Enough said…………

    Friends of the EP community……………….
    I am deeply concerned as many of you are about the recent events overseas and specially in Libya and if any of you know or is related to any of the victims murdered in this terrorist strike, I am really sorry that this occurred and my prayers are with you. There seems to be perception of weakness
    and that is one of the reasons we are seeing these acts of violence through out the middle east.
    It has been reported that in order to appease, we have thrown, it seems, our best friend in the Middle East, Israel under the bus. If so,this is going to cause major trouble for us not only overseas, but, but, within the borders of our country, itself, I believe. If by chance the mighty
    force ALLEGEDLY deployed in the Persian Gulf does participate in a strike against Iranian Nuclear assets, with or with out Israeli involvement, I am under the opinion we will see horrific acts of violence within this county Just the other night, Shepherd Smith of Fox News stated in an off hand remark as phasing out to a commerical ,we could see similar acts of violence in this country!
    The FBI has issued a country wide warning to law enforcement regarding this.
    It just seems the whole world is catching fire………………

    Just my opinion and observation


    • Letitia says:

      FBI info is true I have friends. I know alot of military and we did not destroy all of our battleships. Just like we did not get rid of all of our nukes either. We have reserves in case of world war. Also I agree with you that this time if we go to war it will touch our soil. America has a huge karmic debt to pay. The sad thing is many of us have to pay for the greed and idiocracy if a few. But those of us who know the truth can and will survive.

      To anyone that lost a loved one in Libya or during our war out there you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless us all.


    • lin says:

      You are correct my observant friend, “the whole world is catching on fire” this is exactly what the Elite want to happen. Every country MUST FALL so that their plan can be activated… it’s already in place, it just needs to be fully activated and implemented. then the crap will really hit the fan.


  16. Kirk says:

    I see momentum toward this disastrous war over the next couple years. It is so easy to start a war and then one always wishes one did not do so in retrospect. Iran can rebuild its nuclear capacity after a war anyway.


  17. Letitia says:

    I was born and raised in America. My father is black and American Indian and my mother is Jewish and Lebanese. I come from all over the world with my heritages to live here in the free nation of the world. Sadly I now have to watch a Congress (especially the house) controlled by one party of elitists start a war with a country all because their egos. He who owns the homuz strait owns the world. That is the real reason for this war. We believe we have the right to own everyone where is the freedom in that? Congress can call a war without the president wow. I am prepared to survive mother nature. I am geology major and spend my time with mother nature every day and I love it. However, I do not want to try and survive a nuclear war. I hope Mother nature takes over before mans greed and stupidity tries to destroy us and her. God bless us all. Stay safe, alert and be prepared.


    • Rosco1776 says:

      I think you have that backwards? The president is authorizing the bombing but both parties are to blame. War is big business and both sides are being bought!! We are offered status quo candidates to vote for, what a joke. Take off your partisan blinders!
      Thank you Dr. Paul for waking me up years ago. Prayers for peace in a world gone wild!


  18. Skeptical citizen says:

    the USA recieves less than 10% of its crude from the middle east. We need to just up and leave. We cant solve anything. They dont have anything we cant do without. When your not shure of what to say or do the best policy is to nor do or say anything. Let those folks fight anomg themselves, They have been fighting since biblical times they must enjoy the feud. They are worse than the Hatfields & McCoys.


  19. K.T. says:

    I believe it’s either the war of Ezekiel 38 forming, or, the prelude to Armegeddon…or perhaps both. It all fits together with the uptick in earthquakes and other signs of the time before Christ’s return we see happening now. In any case, we need to be secure in our faith and salvation, and prepared to face the worst of what may lie ahead, if indeed we are entering into, or are in already the Tribulation period. My thoughts, my opinion, and my beliefs. Thanks for this website, it is one that I keep track of, to see what’s happening around the world.


  20. Desmond Moloney says:

    I love the your website the ‘extinction Protocol’ but the story title “Bitish Naval Power” is, sadly, no longer true. Even the £GBP Billion HMS Diamond is only half weaponised due to budget cuts, and entirly untested in even safe combat.

    The USA has been a mostly benign super power for the world. China and Russia will have no moral scrupples about land and power grabbing if lady liberty faulters. The ‘islamic state of Iran’ mixes politics and religion and ignorance into a cocktail which is not compatible with peace in this world. Iran can not but be burnt – but i wonder if it will force more US isolationism and the rise of China and Russia.


  21. Brian says:

    Guys, read your comments here and ive gotta remind you that the End Of Days~ Aint going to be no picnic, ( A Third Of The Earth Will Be Destroyed ) Think About That and Look at Japan !
    The AntiChrist and the New Babylon ( New Word Order ) Have a Scorched Earth Policy including
    extreme world de-population < Do the Sums… We are now in the times for the "Four Horsemen ".


  22. EP_Sh says:

    I really doubt there is gonna be any war between ISREAL and IRAN, all i can feel is the someone somewhere wants the Public to be in fear of WAR, thats all !


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