Island dispute escalates between China and Japan: China sends ships to Senkaku

September 14, 2012 JAPANTensions between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands, known the Diayu Islands in China, located in the East China Sea escalated. The Japanese media reported that China dispatched four maritime ships toward the islands after the Japanese government purchased three of the disputed islands on September 11 for approximately $26 million from a private Japanese owner. China says it is an attempt to “steal its property” and they are ready to “assert” the country’s sovereignty over the islands. “I don’t believe it will grow into a military confrontation,” said Koichiro Yoshida, vice president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and ruling Democratic Party of Japan member. “But if it does and the Chinese vessels enter the territorial waters around the Islands, Japan should take aggressive measures. We must protect the rights of our citizens and our sovereignty over the islands.” The dispute is spilling over into Japan’s economy. For example, Nissan Motor’s sales in August fell and many joint events as well as Chinese tours to Japan have been canceled. “But I don’t expect it to have a massive negative impact on our economic relations,” Yoshida said. “Japan is a major investor and China is our largest trading partner. Although Chinese consumers might not buy Japanese brands because of this. I suspect there is too much at risk for both countries, but it will be more damaging for China.” The islands are near rich fishing grounds and believed to contain undersea natural gas and oil fields. According to Tokyo businessman Hiro Ito, “China’s argument does not have any legal merits. We only purchased islands that we had been leasing. I expect they will continue to challenge us.” Anti-Japanese hostility runs deep in China. The issue has caused growing demonstrations in cities across China and some attacks on Japanese businesses. There is no doubt that the Senkaku dispute will linger and create ill-will and distrust on both sides, complicating any resolution. Meanwhile the governments in both countries are trying to manage the situation, since there is a lot at stake for Asia’s two biggest economies. –Majirox News
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5 Responses to Island dispute escalates between China and Japan: China sends ships to Senkaku

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Hi Alvin! I was wondering…Is the anti – Japanese hostility in China left over from Japan’s imperialism in the 1930’s and early 40’s ?


    • Exactly….see excerpt below

      “Anti-Japanese sentiment is felt very strongly in China and is a phenomenon that mostly dates back to modern times (post-1868). Like many Western powers during the era of imperialism, Japan negotiated treaties that often resulted in the annexation of land from China towards the end of the Qing Dynasty. Dissatisfaction with Japanese settlements and the Twenty-One Demands by the Japanese government led to a serious boycott of Japanese products in China.Today, bitterness in China persists[citation needed] over the atrocities of the Second Sino-Japanese War and Japan’s post-war actions (particularly the perceived lack of a straightforward acknowledgment of such atrocities, Japanese government employment of known past war criminals, and Japanese historic revisionism in textbooks).” –Wikipedia


  2. Maria says:

    Having read about the many atrocities and unbelievable cruelties the Japanese had inflicted on the peoples of China, Korea, and South Asian countries, I understand the anti-Japanese sentiments that still linger. If I were a Chinese whose families were slaughtered like animals by the Japanese Imperial Army…, if I were a Korean who had a grandmother who was forced by the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in Korea to perform as a “comfort woman” to thousands of Japanese soldiers…, if I were a South Asian whose baby was snatched by the Japanese Imperial soldiers to be pierced to death for no reason…, I would most likely distrust and even hate the Japanese also. The Japanese must remember and teach their future generations what their countrymen did to their neighboring countries and be humble. I feel it is not enough to just give away aid moneys to pretend generosity.


  3. The simplest solution to this island dispute is geography; since these islands are the closest to Taiwan, they should be given to Taiwan. Long story short, problem solved! (If only it were that easy…)


  4. gina says:

    There has been so much bickering, not to mention bloodshed, throughout history over what belongs to who. It’s really sad to see that this hasn’t changed very much. So many in power fail to use their energy for what is truly important. No matter how much they have, they always want more. Whenever I read something like this, it makes me think of toddlers having a tug-of-war over a toy shrieking, “Mine, mine, mine!” I agree with davidgreybeard…the islands should belong to whomever they are closest to.


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