Wyoming wildfire burns 24 square miles

September 12, 2012 WYOMING Firefighters are taking advantage of cooler, more humid weather to dig in around a wildfire burning on Casper Mountain. Crews were focusing Wednesday on building containment lines around the northwest corner of the Sheep Herder Hill Fire, the portion closest to most of the 750 homes threatened by the blaze. The fire has destroyed seven homes on the mountain overlooking Casper since breaking out Sunday. It hasn’t spread much in the last 24 hours and is listed at nearly 25 square miles and 10 percent contained. Investigators will also be in the fire zone looking into how the fire started. Fire spokeswoman Susan Ford said that’s a standard procedure when there aren’t any obvious signs of how a fire started, such as a lightning strike. –KULR 8
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3 Responses to Wyoming wildfire burns 24 square miles

  1. Montana Jim says:

    That does not surprise me. We have some nasty wildfires here in Montana too. On windy days the smoke penetrates the city I live in. They are not pretty for sure but they are without a doubt a sign from God to repent or burn.


  2. Paula says:

    Montana and Wyoming are red flagged for fires. Currently Bozeman has a 8000 acre fire and the Paradise Valley outside Yellowstone has the Pine Creek Fire- 10000 acres and 51% contained.
    The smoke was so thick that for days you could not see the 5000 ft peaks. It seems that everyone is bearing something of earth’s strain but California-with sulpher, smoking hills and small earthquakes is the lynch pin at the moment. Maybe this time on earth will teach us all brotherhood …


  3. Louise says:

    One thing that is sticking with my ‘feelings’ at the moment, and correct me please if I am very wrong, but could many fires that are occuring across the globe (and some are seemingly unexplainable for the moment by the ‘authorities’) be related to some earthquake/volcanic activity and/or underground lava movements?
    Also, peat fires have been noted in some places on the globe to have begun burning too.
    This may be an obscure question or thought, but it is something I have been pondering on for some time.
    Cheers 😉


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