7.6 Costa Rican earthquake did not relieve fault pressure: expect another one equal or greater, scientists warn

September 12, 2012COSTA RICA After a series of analyses conducted in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, experts from the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (Ovsicori) reported Tuesday that another quake of equal or greater magnitude could occur in Nicoya Peninsula, but predicting when it would happen is “impossible.” Marino Protti, Ovsicori’s lead scientist, explained that the magintude-7.6 earthquake on Sept. 5 caused a 40 percent slip and an inclination of 1.8 meters on the fault located in Nicoya. He also said that although the quake was the “big one” experts had been expecting for Guanacaste, the fault ruptured by only 50 percent, meaning that the possibility that another earthquake of equal or greater magnitude in the area still remains. Ovsicori’s report, released Tuesday, also stated that the earthquake triggered the activation of three faults in Aguas Zarcas (in the northern region), the Guanacaste Volcanic Area and Irazú Volcano (north of Cartago). Seismologists will continue monitoring the areas. By Tuesday morning, the total count of aftershocks from the recent earthquake was 1,650. On Sept. 5  at 8:42 a.m., the 7.6-magnitude earthquake shook the country and was felt as far away as Nicaraguan and Panama. Its epicenter was located 20 kilometers northwest of Sámara in the Nicoya Península. –Tico Times
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27 Responses to 7.6 Costa Rican earthquake did not relieve fault pressure: expect another one equal or greater, scientists warn

  1. JoeMozden says:

    A 7.6 that did not relieve the tension? ummmm… That sounds very troubling to me. A lady on another post pointed out there were all kinds of 4-5 mag EQ’s last couple of weeks, all over the map. I don’t think tension is releasing with these quakes, it seems as if its actually building. I’m no scientist, but is there any credence to my “theory”?


  2. Joel says:

    Alvin, you can add to that the fact that there is a continuation in the aftershock in the Philippines also at the epicenter of the 7.6M (Eastern Samar).
    There was a new 5.1M aftershock reported today by EMSC and USGS.

    Sadly, the Philippines are not as well monitored than Costa Rica (being closer to California it make sense they obtain more data)



  3. Irene C says:

    Imagine if that fault would have ruptured all the way. Wow. And the aftershocks are still going on.


  4. Stephen W. Anderle says:

    what goes around comes around. Last year a huge earthquake in Japan, then one in the Phillipines, then was there on near Australia? Then California had a group of small ones , now Costa Rica. Maybe Cali a big one coming or Washington, then Alaska? The Ring Of Fire is just relieving stress. The number and sizes will show how much is being relieved and where., and maybe where the next one might hit. All in all each new big one should be a little smaller than the previous. I don’t think there will be another 9.0 around the Ring of Fite for a while, But , I could be wrong. If ther are several more really big ones in the next few years that would relieve a lot of stress along those plate edges and then it should be relatively quiet for quite a few years.


    • Joel says:

      What you say make sense Stephen, and I would agree completely based on the basic principles of tectonic activity.
      Yet the data does show an increase in seismic activity and magnitude are increasing also. So there is something more to add than just “stress” in what is happening nowadays. We should not forget that our planet is a “living” planet, always dynamic. We tend to concentrate on the most obvious like tectonic plate sliding against each other (which would answer to the stress question) – but we forget there is another planetary actor in the play – the core of the planet and the convection it create in the mantel (and that does not necessary answer the stress). In that sense, even if the sliding part releases stress, the core continue his work and could counteract the stress released, even increasing it. The increase activity, and even awakening of “exctinct” volcanoes can answer that increase Core activity.
      There is still another point related to the increase of water in the Ocean, even a few centimeters means billions of cubic meter of water, which means millions of tons of water putting more pressure on the crust = insability on the tectonic plates.
      All in all, the increase of seismic activity can be answered in many ways, but that also means that the stress release in those big quakes is not enough to compensate the overall increase in pressure against the crust.

      Through a group on FB (R.E.T.A.R.D.S.) I had the opportunity to read this paper which put some light on the question of increase.



      • Anne says:

        Joel, excellent! You went further into the situation we are experiencing. Hurricanes and cyclones have a direct effect, esp. in full and new moon cycles. We have multiple activities effecting us from beneath and from above – the Sun. I’ll check out “Retards”. Thanks much. BTW: do you by any chance subscribe to Lowell’s Blog? A reliable site.


      • Fred White says:

        Good points to ponder as to the possible cause(s) of the frequent.earth activity currently taking place.


  5. Warren H. says:

    The news keeps getting better and better doesn’t it. I can’t even imagine what will happen if the fault lets go completely…


  6. Anne says:

    This will have a dramatic affect in Mexico and the U.S.. The M7.9 on Sept. 5th registered movement in every State as shown by “Live Science” monitering as the EQ was occuring on real time! For 4 to 5 seconds the central part of the U.S, from the South all the way up to the Great Lakes was lit up with thousands of stations recording the movement – the heaviest amount in the area of the New Madris Faultline, where 15 nuclear reactors are situated.
    I guess that tells us that the U.S. is directly connected to the region in Central Amercia.


  7. timelesslady says:

    Thanks again for keeping this site updated…I check in here several times a day. Kathy


  8. Angelsong says:

    We appreciate you very much Alvin 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work!


  9. Randy says:

    I haven’t seen any posts on solar activity lately. 2013 is supposedto be a banner years for solar storms. Anything?


  10. Tim says:

    Earthquake on the north rim of Mt. Rainier this a.m. 2.4mag. – 2 smaller one’s just west of the base earlier. Seems as though a lot of volcanoes are showing some degree of activity.


  11. deb says:

    hi alvin, i made a couple of posts and for some reason they haven’t been approved yet? did i say something offensive?


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