Activity increases at Indonesia’s Mount Anak Krakatau volcano

September 11, 2012INDONESIAActivity at one of Indonesia’s most dreaded volcanoes continues to increase. Ongoing activity by Indonesia’s Mount Anak Krakatau has residents of nearby coastal areas concerned as the volcano spewed more lava, officials said. On Monday the volcano in the Sunda Strait spewed hot lava and other volcanic material 2,000 feet above its peak, the Antara news agency reported. “Tremors have not stopped rocking this area since yesterday,” Hamdani, the head of the volcano monitoring post in the village of Hargopancuran, South Lampung, said. Black clouds were obscuring the peak of the volcano, Hamdani said. Officials warned fishermen to stay away from the volcano although they said the ongoing tremors would not cause a tsunami. “But it is difficult to predict Anak Krakatau,” Hamdani said. Krakatau’s explosion in the 18th century, so loud it was heard 1,000 miles away, caused one of history’s most devastating tsunamis.Spiegel
Vanuatu alert level raised: Geo-hazards officials in Vanuatu have upgraded a volcanic alert for Mt Yasur on Tanna Island to Level Two. They have been assessing the mountain for a month with the director of the Geo-hazards Office in Port Vila, Eslyne Garae, saying there have been fresh eruptions from 3 separate vents on Mt Yasur. She says there is a threat of light to medium ash falls in the visitors’ parking areas and villages close to the volcano. –Radio NZ
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8 Responses to Activity increases at Indonesia’s Mount Anak Krakatau volcano

  1. Deck says:

    For the sake of people in that area I hope history doesn’t repeat itself


  2. Irene C says:

    I was always fascinated by the Krakatau eruption and subsequent tsunami, and now I’ve been keeping an eye on Anak Krakatau. I’m just praying that when it blows, it won’t be a bad as his daddy was.


    • Wiseguy says:

      I think it will be the least of our problems, looking at all those quake swarms all over the globe, there will be more dangerous volcanoes like Yellowstone, Fuji. Actually, magma is spreading exponentially, it’s a ticking bomb and we are at midnight minus one second… Every morning I wonder what the news will be…


      • Irene C says:

        Actually, I agree Wiseguy. I do the same thing every morning. It’s getting more difficult wondering which swarm to watch and which one’s going to blow first.


  3. Emanni says:

    September 2, 2012 krakatau Eruption


    • Tim says:

      That is one scary looking volcano – looks like it could blow the whole side out at any moment. Mt Saint Helen was not even venting like that before it blew up.


  4. kristoffer94 says:

    What will happen if it erupts, something like happenes in 1883? or like in 535 AD?
    If it does, it will change the global climate


  5. Steve says:

    Last time it blew it was a vei 6, and Alvin wrote that Mt Pinitubo was a vei 6, Pinitubo blew in 1991. I remember the year after, the sky was hazy the sunsets red and the winter of 91, 92 was brutally cold. I remember the 2 plus feet of snow dumped on us in the midwest the evening of Oct. 31st, right after the Twins won the world series and the snow didn’t go away till April.


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