Researchers believe huge underwater volcanic eruptions were part of last extinction period

September 10, 2012GEOLOGYPopular opinion holds that an asteroid struck the Earth 65 million years ago, hustling out the Age of Dinosaurs and allowing the mammals – us – to rise. But new research now paints another picture – with the University of Washington indicating that a separate extinction came shortly first, triggered by volcanic eruptions that warmed the planet and killed life on the ocean floor. They suggest that by the time of the asteroid impact, life on the seafloor – mostly species of clams and snails – was already perishing, because of the effects of huge volcanic eruptions on the Deccan Plateau, in what is now India. The well-known dinosaur extinction event is believed to have been triggered by an asteroid at least six miles in diameter slamming into Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Thomas Tobin, a UW doctoral student in Earth and space sciences, said: ‘The eruptions started 300,000 to 200,000 years before the impact, and they may have lasted 100,000 years.’ During the earlier extinction it was primarily life on the ocean floor that died, in contrast to the later extinction triggered by the asteroid impact, which appeared to kill many more free-swimming species. The eruptions would have filled the atmosphere with fine particles, or aerosols that initially cooled the planet. But, more importantly, the eruptions also would have spewed carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to produce long-term warming that led to the first of the two mass extinctions. –Daily Mail
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12 Responses to Researchers believe huge underwater volcanic eruptions were part of last extinction period

  1. John says:

    In light of this bit of information, all the submarine seismic and volcanic activity over the last 18 months takes on a new and startling significance.


  2. dingydarla says:

    This is concerning. Imagine all the “extinct” volcanoes waking up. Uh oh!!
    I just learned Salton sea has 4 small volcanoes, I live near those.
    Earth, has seen so much. I pray her labor comes and goes swiftly, and its inhabitants evolve/ transition into the new age.


  3. jeremy says:

    i beleve that it was a chain of events just as we are seeing now and one will tip the scale so watch out an e.l.e. will come soon


  4. The time has come near everything is overflowing population, corruption, buildings, pollution, richer are becoming poorer are becoming poor… its near u will come to knw when time will end.. some date before this year ends…


  5. Jose says:

    There are much too many event taking place that point to a doomed planet. I am not a very religious man, but recently saw these events in the bible. I fell to my knees in shock because of the accuracy, and timing..I believe


  6. Donna M. says:

    Hi Alvin,
    I live in Riverside, CA. Today there was a sulfuric smell that blanketed So. California. Rumors are that the smell might be coming from the Salton Sea. Have you heard about this, and what do you think could have been the cause of it?


    • See post…and thanks Donna for being in touch.



    • Go to Google Earth with earthquake layer on. Look at the Salton Sea and Imperial valley. Dozens and dozens of earthquakes in the past week or so. Then search for Salton Sea volcanoes. It is a very geologically active area… bubbling mud flats, hot springs, large magma chamber under the area, multiple faults. Out gassing of sulfur dioxide has been previously observed. Put it all together.


  7. Moco says:

    ‘The eruptions started 300,000 to 200,000 years before the impact, and they may have lasted 100,000 years.’
    Who designed these numbers? Mr Magoo? This planet with human existence, can’t be more that 12,000 years old.
    “oh, yep, we “determined” that dinosaurs of billions of years old” “the remains created fossil fuels.”
    One moronic statement after another, til you believe it.
    THere were only a couple periods of our existence and the race was near extinct from global trauma. This has no scientific cred, at all.


  8. Eugen Victor says:

    There is another possibility advanced by a scientist, a lady, essentually utilizing global warming as the start of hydrates of Methane to melt, filling the atmosphere with methane which was ignited killing shore side plant and animal life around the globe…Interestingly a paper recently released indicated that the hydrates were again melting…in the artic circle…
    Underseas volcanic activities has been continous through the life cycle on the earth. Today there are several sea volcanic indications in The MEDD, Pacific, CARBB, and La Herra in the Atlantic. There are the deep trench smokers…essentually volcanic eruptions…so the past decline of underseas volcanos may be so…can you imagine the seas boiling…that lot’sa heat, so inclined to really question that theory…so far!
    I am more inclined to think a swarm, cluster, or mass of space deterius slaming into the earth during that period in earths history, more than just the Yucatan strike, results, same.


    • Tarren says:

      if yo want to know what the HELL is going on look on youtube and no this is not my video its education and fact tells why water is turning oxygen with warm water and bacteria all is caused by volcanoes and they found out it wasnt astroid comet or anything else that caused last extinctions it was volcanoes…. youtube video is….
      NOVA PERMIAN EXTINCTION……Its scary but this is the absolute TRUTH!


  9. Eugen Victor says:

    Reversal of the poles. No, the earth is not going to flip flop, but the magnetic poles will reverse, that is the south magnetic pole will replace the north magnetic pole and we will have to go all the way south , maybe, to the southern tip of South America to find the north pole. On the other hand the pole reversal will end up with the poles being located someplace else. So, a good and interesting book to read is…and sadly I do not remember the authers name…is Pole Shift.
    Now here are several suggestions as to possibilies resulting from the poles shuttling off to other places. Hey, I read where this event will take place over several thousand years, which has little concern, as I will be pushing up daisies at that time, but, where this event to occur over several days and hours….Wow!
    There is some scientific reads where a sudden shift would really create some startling events. Inductive eddies might melt certain regions in the earth and on the surface. Imagine sudden volcanic activities and great fissures expelling masses of lava welling upward to great heights.
    Other than meteor impacts the results of pole shift might really be something to see.
    Well the Mayan Calendar indicates the short and long cycles will be ending and will start from the beginning again for another 5,125 and 26,000 years. The earth is not ending but the calendar is starting over. There are no impending meteor strikes. Aliens have declared the earth is not worth their time. Giant reptiians from the inner earth would rather tend to their own business. Which leads to speculating about other great means to end life on earth.
    Natural nature occurances seems to lead the list.
    A big wave striking the East and West of American and European/Africia because the land slippage of an island in the Atlantic ocean. Pole shift. methane of hydrates melting. and of course again that impending meteor strike.
    Coffe time and snooping into the ipad thing. vg


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