Indian town of Jawhar plagued by loud noises and ‘tremors’

September 10, 2012 INDIA The Thane district additional collector Ashok Shingare told PTI that told that the intensity of loud sounds were on the rise, causing concern among citizens. Meanwhile, geological experts visited Jawhar on Monday to study the so called ‘tremors’ in the area and submit their report to the collector directly. Seismologists from IMB Mumbai and Pune, as well other experts, will also be visiting Jawhar on Tuesday to study the situation, he said. For the past ten days, Jawhar town’s residents have been running out of their houses after hearing mysterious loud sounds like ‘tremors’ throughout the day on Monday. The Jawhar municipal council also announced that there was no cause for fear and people should not panic, after they complained of their cots, vessels and even the walls, windows, tables and chairs were shaken badly due to ‘tremors;’ though walls have not developed any cracks. The Nationalist Congress Party’s (NCP) state unit secretary Advocate Rajaram Mukne told PTI that there were at least seven tremors reported, accompanied by loud sounds. Jawhar MLA Chintaman Wanga, who represents the area also told PTI that locals are of the opinion that these were ‘tremors.’ –Hindustan Times
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15 Responses to Indian town of Jawhar plagued by loud noises and ‘tremors’

  1. molassis says:

    Has there been a time, in the world’s recent history, where all these loud noises were reported? I see a lot of reports, all over the world, about these loud booms… is this a new thing?


  2. Christopher says:

    Heads up Alvin on the Salton Sea area of So Cal. A series of small quakes occurred in the last hour with a recent 3.3 happening. This area north of Brawley is much closer to the official boundary of the San Andreas fault system. The migration of quake activity that started with the April quake in Mexico in 2010 north toward the San Andreas continues. The Brawley “swarm” is considered “normal” by the USGS but too much activity along the 800 mile San Andreas should be of concern. The most recent near Coalinga east of Parkfield


    • Thanks, Christopher. This area is under immense pressure, along with the entire California coast. The heightened tension is a very grave concern. A massive release, at some point, is inevitable.

      Earthquakes! – Earthquake Map and Alerts

      This is a free earthquake app that allows you to see seismic stress points on the planet (based on seismicity) in real-time. The map feature speaks volumes about the mounting seismic pressure building along the California coast.



      • Desmond says:

        Thank you Alvin, installed the app and I see they show 3.5 off the coast of Sydney Australia, that’s news to me. Thank you once again for all that you do to keep us informed.


      • Magenta says:

        Alvin, I couldn’t pick up a link from above comment. Have you heard about the sulfur odors being reported by the hundreds in S. California? Some one said these odors are always detected before a large EQ. Any comments on this phenomenon? I know you are in a precarious situation. All the indicators are there are they not? I know you don’t want to spread panic, but knowledge is power. Haven’t we all been warned for years that this was coming?


      • There is some underlying geological issues with California that are building to a climax and sooner or later, this will become the predominant issue. I did hear about the report. See post.


      • Louise says:

        Hi Desmond.
        If you also look up the Australian Geoscience site – the recent earthquakes for the Australian region – you can see all the tremors which have occured, for example, in the last 30 days. The list of tremors is interesting.
        Link, if I may post it Alvin 😉 is
        Cheers, Louise (Australia).


  3. Bhushan Patil says:

    Finally some nature related have initiated around mumbai 🙂


    • SMILE says:

      My cousins stay in Mumbai (near BARC), few days back they heard an unusual sound at around 3 in the night . The sound was very much nerve wrecking.They heard it for around 3-4 hours bcoz of which they were not able to sleep.Since 4-5 months they are also feeling very slight tremors since they stay on the ground floor.Sometimes the tremors are horizontal and some times thumping upside.


  4. Montana Jim says:

    The earth is crying out with birthing pains!


  5. Daniel says:

    I have herd these in Christchurch New Zealand they sound like a truck going past then cease with out shaking. I dont thing too much of them as we have had over 10 thousand aftershocks in the space of 2 years.


  6. Irene C says:

    I have a bad feeling about this. The municipal council says “there was no cause for fear and people should not panic”. I always felt that if the government says “don’t worry” that’s when you should run.

    And I agree Montana Jim. I do believe we are witnessing birth pains.



  7. Sam Beckett says:

    I myself have heard no “strange sounds” here in California so logically I believe these sounds that people are hearing are gun shots, back firing of a vehicle, sonic boom from jets, mining & so on…and people are mistaking them for “strange sounds”


  8. Jay777 says:

    Alvin, related to my last post, here is the story that made Yahoo news today;


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