4 Responses to Unemployment in Greece hits 24% – jobless Greeks clean toilets in Sweden

  1. Irene C says:

    It’s sad, especially for the children who really don’t understand what’s really going on. It’s also sad for the older people, who are no longer physically able to do physical labor. But there’s nothing wrong scrubbing toilets (I’ve done that) just like there’s nothing wrong wearing suits to work (I’ve done that too). There are many here in the U.S. who ignore what’s happening in Europe, thinking it will never happen in the “land of opportunity”. I would say that one day they will in for a rude awakening. Many prayers for all.



  2. Javier says:

    I had a profession with degree from other country and came back to the States after the economic situation in that country got worse, had to start from the beginning and now making my way up… Also wore suits overseas and in here jeans for work most of the time last year. Did almost everything in my life and don’t feel any shame, at the contrary appreciation for life and goals is very intense plus the feeling that I did it by myself with no help.


  3. I’d happily clean toilets as long as it paid 35 grand a year 🙂


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