Pressure under Japan’s Mt. Fuji volcano rising: eruption would be nightmare for Japan

September 7, 2012 JAPAN Pressure in the magma chamber of Japan’s Mount Fuji is now higher than it was the last time the volcano erupted more than 300 years ago, scientists say, according to a report Thursday. Tectonic shifts triggered by last year’s huge 9.0 magnitude undersea quake have left the chamber under 16 times the minimum pressure at which an eruption can occur, researchers said. Researchers at the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention studied the tectonic movements caused by the tsunami-triggering quake on March 11, 2011 and a magnitude 6.4 quake that rocked central Japan four days later, Kyodo News reported. They estimated that 1.6 megapascals of pressure, equivalent to atmospheric pressure of some 15.8 kilograms per square centimeter (226 pounds per square inch), was being exerted on the magma chamber. Volcanic eruptions can be triggered by as little as 0.1 megapascals of pressure, and the reading of 1.6 megapascals is “not a small figure,” said senior researcher Eisuke Fujita, according to Kyodo. Mount Fuji, an almost perfectly cone-shaped mountain that stands as one of Japan’s national symbols, last erupted in 1707, after an earthquake struck and boosted the pressure on its magma chamber, the report said, citing researchers. Scientists say an eruption some time over the coming years is a possibility, but add that heightened pressure is not the only variable. They say so far no signs of activity have been seen at Mount Fuji, possibly because the amount of magma that has accumulated is not substantial enough, Kyodo said. If Mount Fuji erupts, it could cause up to 2.5 trillion yen ($32 billion) of damage, according to a government report in 2004, Kyodo said. In May a team of researchers warned that the mountain may collapse if a newly-discovered fault line underneath it shifts. The huge quake of March 2011 and tsunami that it generated devastated a large area of the country’s northeast, killing around 19,000 people and generating a nuclear emergency at Fukushima. –Physics
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17 Responses to Pressure under Japan’s Mt. Fuji volcano rising: eruption would be nightmare for Japan

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Alvin 🙂
    This could be devastating to Japan if that thing blows. Is it possible that Japan could fall into the sea as Edgar Cayce predicted if it happens?
    With all the earthquakes and liquefaction happening over there this is a scary thought. It could also bring about the tsunami for the west coast that he also predicted would be destroyed.

    It is amazing that so many things are happening around the world and seemingly all at once.

    God bless you Alvin and as always I thank you so much for all you do.


    • One more major disaster could cause Japan’s fragile economy, already teetering under the second high debt load in the world, to collpase. Thank you, Lisa. God bless you and we should all keep people in the orient in our thoughts and prayers as the planet is beginning to see a notable uptick in geologic activity.



  2. Japan is certainly facing a wide range of threats at the present, and they all seem to be coming together as they are everywhere. Regarding Cayce’s predictions about Japan, I’m not terribly sure just how precise his prediction of Japan falling into the sea will be, but it is quite common for major subduction zone quakes just off of a coastline to cause significant to major subsidence. Here on the Oregon coast we have a number of places where you can see the signs of the subsidence from the big quake around 1700. It did not escape my attenton that Cayce also predicted that much of the American West Coast would end up submerged – perhaps during the extreme magnitude of the disasters coming our way such sinkings are possible.


    • Irene C says:

      I see a possibility that Japan could go under, but I’m not sure if it would fall into the sea, although it could. The Bible does say that “And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.” Revelation 16:20. As for the U.S. west coast, it would be devastating, especially if the Cascadia fault goes.



      • Yeah, it would be. What was really spooky was that shortly after I saw Cayce’s sketch map of what he thought our West Coast will look like by the time of the Lord’s return, I ran across a map that had reputedly been drawn up by the US Navy and was very similar to Cayce’s. I wish I could remember where I found it so I can verify its authenticity…


    • tokyo080 says:

      Ever herd of Post Glacier Rebound (PGR)? When ice melts and H2O is added to the oceans it actually pushes the ocean floor down. Our oceans do NOT hold water the same way our bathtubs do, this is a misconception of most people. This could also cause earthquakes from the added pressure on the plates as well as sink whole islands. Now when ice freezes again the weight is lifted and can cause land masses to rise. Not saying that’s what is happening to Japan but with record ice melt it is a contributor. Much love to everyone!


  3. Brian Perkey says:

    So what this all boils down too is the fact not only will it be devastating to Japan. Will this be something similar to the Pompeii eruption so many years ago.


    • If Fujiyama goes into a major eruptive phase it would be similar to Pompeii, just with more casualties. To give us a modern frame of reference, imagine the Mt. Pinatubo eruption of 1991 in the middle of a densely populated, heavily built up part of the world instead of in the middle of the Luzon jungle.


  4. tonic says:

    Global economics is as near as I have ever seen, to a house of cards. Any economy, big or small that collapses, will have bearing on all others. The Japanese people already have more that enough to deal with. There seems to be more and more countries, through geological or economic events, that need help.

    Unfortunately help costs money. The economic structure we created and live in is falling asunder. Politicians cannot, and will not aknowledge this, ever. It has never felt more like the ostrich with it’s head stuck in the sand. So we sit here, and look at these events.

    Our technology is awesome. The landing of Curiosity is the peak of what we are capable of at this time, in my opinion. This was a truly astonishing event, and leaves me in awe of the people who put this together. Our world has not been here before, there is no history volume you can pick up and see what happened in the past. Even through the two world wars, our society was never totally reliant on technologh. We have so many things now, supermarkets, communication, electricty, cars, that without them we are very, very vunerable, to even minor global upset, compared to larger events of the past.


  5. Ali says:

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!


    • Miguel says:

      we have fallen greatly to our leaders who put their trust in the dollar,euros,yen, MONEY. Its time we stop following and change our whole way of helping each other out by not believing money can solve anything when all we need is love. With love we don’t need money to save the poor or countries, who are in need in help. Cant anybody see that praying and loaning is not working but love will it always has and always will. Real love is doing something for someone who makes them happy without them doing nothing for you in return. Where did all the love go?????????????


  6. Michael says:

    Waters Off Japan Coast Getting Superheated By Unknown Source

    Even if it is Fahrenheit… a temperature of 100deg Fahrenheit = 38 deg Celsius.
    For the ocean, that’s quite toasty


  7. bob says:

    You have not seen ANYTHING yet. Much will transpire in this “time of the end”


  8. Bethesdakid says:

    Please moderate your opinions on the situation at Fuji. While there is a possibility of an eruption, it remains to be seen that the volcano itself is active. No continuing seismicity, no change in topographic tilt or bulge, no change in heat. In other words, eruption precoursors have not occured. The tech guys state there is not enough magma built up to plug the crater…


  9. John Milhous says:

    If, at any time within the next FIVE years, Japan suffers another ‘event’ even 25% the magnitude of the horrific events in 2011, IT WILL AFFECT “YOU”, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD! Therefore, “IF” you believe in prayer, you should be praying EVERY DAY for the safety and well-being of our human brethren in Japan, and, of course, the entire Country of Japan!!!


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