China earthquakes damage 20,000 homes: leaves 80 dead, 715 injured

September 7, 2012 CHINA A series of earthquakes collapsed houses and triggered landslides in a remote mountainous part of southwestern China on Friday, killing at least 80 people with the toll expected to rise. Damage was preventing rescuers from reaching some outlying areas, and communications were disrupted. The quakes started with a 5.6-magnitude shock before 11:30 a.m. along the borders of Guizhou and Yunnan provinces, and another equally big quake struck shortly after noon followed by more than 60 aftershocks, Chinese and U.S. government seismologists said. Though of moderate strength, the quakes were shallow, which often causes more damage. Hardest hit was Yiliang County, where 49 of the 50 deaths occurred, said Yunnan province government agencies and state media. Another 715 people in the county were injured, said Zhang Junwei, a spokesman for the provincial seismology bureau. China Central Television showed roads littered with rocks and boulders, and pillars of dust rising over hillcrests — signs of landslides. Footage showed a couple hundred people crowding into what looked like a school athletic field in Yiliang’s county seat, a sizeable city spread along a river in a valley bottom. With some roads impassable, rescuers had yet to reach some outlying villages and towns, the official Radio NZ said. Though quakes in the area occur frequently, buildings in rural areas and China’s fast-growing smaller cities and towns are often constructed poorly. In 2008, a magnitude-7.9 quake that hit Sichuan province, just north of Yunnan, killed nearly 90,000 people, with many of the deaths blamed on poorly built structures, including schools. Xinhua said Friday’s quakes destroyed or damaged 20,000 homes. The Yunnan seismology bureau said and more than 100,000 people were evacuated from their homes. All told, Xinhua said, 700,000 people had their lives disrupted by the quake. In Luozehe, a town in Yiliang near a zinc mine, residents and state media said boulders hurtled off hillsides and houses collapsed. “It is scary. My brother was killed by falling rocks. The aftershocks struck again and again. We are so afraid,” Xinhua quoted miner Peng Zhuwen as saying. A government official in Jiaokui town said a large number of houses had collapsed. “The casualty number is still being compiled. I don’t know what was like for the other towns, but my town got hit badly,” he said. Like many Chinese officials he refused to give his name. Mobile phone services were down and regular phone lines disrupted. Phones were cut off to clinics in four villages in Qiaoshan, another town in Yiliang, which has about half a million people. Xinhua said thousands of tents, blankets and coats were being shipped to the area. It said that so far no casualties had been reported in neighboring Guizhou, but that homes had been damaged or destroyed there. Friday’s quakes were relatively shallow, about 6 miles or 10 kilometers deep, creating an intense shaking even at a lower magnitude. –CSM
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15 Responses to China earthquakes damage 20,000 homes: leaves 80 dead, 715 injured

  1. Paula Annie says:

    Hi Alvin, Two questions:
    You may have answered this already but do you have an explanation for the “humming” sounds being heard round the world? This morning Seattle people are reporting the sounds and when I was in California this summer people were hearing it there as well. Is there a single explanation or is it the result of numerous pressures and changes? Also, if you read this news,what do you think of the recent NASA reports of ‘strange particles’ streaming from center of the galaxy thru to our sun and then affecting the earth. NASA scientists think it may be “dark matter” or newer particles they don’t yet know about. Blessings! Paula


    • Paula,

      I don’t think one explanation would quantify different phenomena, happening in different locations, under different geological or physical conditions, at different times. If sound is produced by a mechanical wave oscillating through a medium; the same scientific dictums tell us the source has to be physical that’s producing it. I think each case needs to be examined individually, using acoustic analysis techniques to identify patterns, spectrums, and so forth…

      Just two years ago, NASA was teaching, as law, cosmic rays were accelerated by the magnetic fields from super novae remnants until this theory was challenged by Russian scientists just last year.

      Who knows what to believe?????????

      No dark matter found near the Sun, April 2012:

      Dark matter detected near the Sun, August 2012:

      As far as dark matter is concerned, NASA is the only body of scientists I know that can formulate theories on the behavior of something that they can neither definitively find or even prove exists. Which makes one wonder why they deny the existence of God.

      peace and blessings,


      • Adam Murphy says:

        Great points and reference articles. I can’t imagine there being one simple answer to these phenomena that we are seeing. With how dynamic the Earth is, it is hard to believe that simplicity would be involved in events that are heard and described around the world. I would love to say that we should keep religion and science separate because science is supposedly based on a set of sequential steps that lead to (nearly) irrefutable facts and religion is belief and faith. Seems to me scientists these days are relying on “It’s not definitive, but I think….” and that’s what ends up being the new accepted theory. Thank you for your diligence and hard work, Alvin. I will be ordering TEP and T7P next week and I can’t wait!


      • Good points and thanks, Murphy.

        All the best,


      • Paula Annie says:

        Thanks so much Alvin, great references! While earth catapults through these changes, we pray and learn and hopefully help others too, love, Paula


      • tonic says:

        It’s not just NASA. The word” dark” is stuck on three fundamental workings going on in the universe that we are aware of at this time. Matter, Energy and now Flow.
        The word “dark” = we have no clue.
        But still some have the arrogance to have a “theory of everything”, including the non existance of God. Sometimes I wonder if proving Gods non existance, is more important than discovering how God put it all together.


  2. Montana Jim says:

    That was not good. I hope Walmart will still be able to stock their shelves with cheap stuff made in China! I love walmart too! I dislike you cannot find many made in America products there or anywhere else for that matter. This is a sign to the world to repent like many others that we see on a daily basis. God is calling but the world has set their phones to silent at a rock concert.


  3. Colleen says:

    I am surprised there are no comments on this recent earthquake. How truly sad what these people have suffered now and in times past. Earthquake activity is increasing more and more in intensity, and in greater magnitudes. God bless His children all over the globe!


  4. Dave H. says:

    And now the Yangtz river is turning red. Whoa!!!


  5. dixie kolman says:

    It appears to be that if there is an earthquake, or quite a few at one time like we are now seeing, MM only reports those where there was a loss of life, as if the rest have no relevance. And one has to love the bizarre explanations as to all of the “humming” noises that are occuring worldwide and steadily increasing. It’s amazing how quickly these events are downplayed!


  6. Irene C says:

    I was up late watching these earthquakes happen. I post these earthquakes on fb, and had to tell people that it was not a duplicate. Prayers for these people.


  7. Ashley Urias says:

    God be with these people! This is a tragedy.


  8. Colleen says:

    New news. Twin earthquakes in china occurred again, killing 80 and injuring hundreds more. Over 100,000 people leaving their homes for fear of more quakes. Scary stuff is it not?


  9. tim says:

    If a strong enough earthquake should happen to occur in the Three Gorges dam area and colapse the dam, i would think there would be tremendous loss of life on a scale never seen before nor ever would be again. Any thoughts?


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