Virgin Islands and Caribbean region joins growing list of seismically-tense hotspots

September 5, 2012VIRGIN ISLANDS The VIDN say on August 30, 2012:  “The V.I. Territorial Emergency Management Agency said that V.I. Alert subscribers who have noticed a recent increase in earthquake notifications from the service should not be alarmed. Between 3 a.m. Monday and continuing throughout the day Wednesday, more than 50 very minor to moderate earthquakes were recorded near Latitude 19 degrees north, north of the Virgin Islands, according to a statement VITEMA issued Wednesday. Those tremors included a 5.2-, 4.6- and 4.7-magnitude earthquake between 3 and 5 p.m. Wednesday. Victor Huerfano, director of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, confirmed that the increase in earthquake activity is a swarm of tremors, a phenomenon that occurs four or five times a year in different parts of the Caribbean region, according to VITEMA. A swarm is defined as three or more earthquakes occurring within an hour, and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network has been recording these instances since Saturday. “It is normal but we cannot say what it means,” Huerfano said. “It is more important that we make sure we are calm and prepared, and that emergency systems are in place in case a major earthquake happens.” The Virgin Islands is located in a seismically active region, which has a potential for a major earthquakes to occur at any time, according to VITEMA’s statement.” –VIDN
That was August 30, 2012 and the earthquake swarm in the Virgin Islands has since only intensified, with back-to-back 4.2 and 5.2 magnitude earthquakes striking along the tectonic plate boundary within the span of an hour. There are now five regions of the world where seismic tension is registering higher than normal: California, the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean plate, Alaska, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Any of these regions are primed for the eruption of large-scale seismic events. People in high-risk seismic zones should remain alert for the possible occurence of potentially hazardous seismic or volcanic episodes. –The Extinction Protocol
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26 Responses to Virgin Islands and Caribbean region joins growing list of seismically-tense hotspots

  1. Joan says:

    I’m confused…why are the tremors only around St Johns (US controlled) the other Islands are controlled by other nations. Would we be drilling, fracking or something else in our own territory?
    Am I reading the map wrong?


  2. WOW, hope all is well with my people and they are safe. Puerto Rico, Caribbean and others.. We will pray for you all..


  3. Irmarie says:

    A matter of time for my island to be under this. God bless you all.


  4. Dave says:

    Edgar Cayce said it all starts in the Carribean and mt pelee

    There are now five regions of the world where seismic tension is registering higher than normal: California, the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean plate, Alaska, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Any of these regions are primed for the eruption of large-scale seismic events..
    .if we are to be tested lets open our hearts and doors to our neighbors


  5. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 While people are saying Peace and SAFETY destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. I have always found that when those in authority say there’s nothing to be concerned about, look out!


  6. Brian says:

    Could a large earthquake in the region cause a tsunami along the east coast of the USA?


  7. SMILE says:

    Five regions in the world have become active but still people are sleeping.
    Alvin, I would like to know your opinion that when will people realise that the time to pay for our karma’s has come?
    GOD BLESS U for making so many people aware of the catastrophic changes. I realised only when I accidentally saw your site and there must be many people like me . I stay in Delhi ,India and people here are in deep sleep even though Alpide belt is also becoming restless.


    • Greeting to Delhi. Glad to have you with us. When there are multiple large-scale events happening in rapid succession, with a massive loss of life…I think then this whole discussion about earthchanges will enter a new arena.

      Take care,


  8. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Wow! and during prime hurricane season too…Would the large quake that had hit Haiti be associated with this system ?


  9. rita says:

    Thanks for this, Alvin…..And now. 7.6 on the coast of Costa Rica! I have been feeling that this isn’t going to calm down.


  10. Columbine says:

    Is it possible that the large quake that just hit Costa Rica could have released some of the tension along the Virgin Islands region? They seems to be on the opposite sides of the Carribean Plate?


    • It’s actually inside the Caribbean plate, though on the opposite side of the Virgin Islands; but, yes, it is a tremendous stress relief…aftershocks, however, will follow. Acute of you to notice how the geology is acting and reacting to the tension.


  11. Kerry says:

    Wow 7.9 Puerto Rico… so sad and scary!


  12. Oggie says:


    I was looking at the date of the post and realized it’s just posted today. And yet, we have another 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica. Things are indeed speeding up and yet some choose to look the other way. I was reading the breaking story in CNN and shake my head reading one comment mocking believers for probably attributing this earth movement to sinners. May the good Lord find us worthy of salvation when the hour of reckoning comes.



  13. Concerned Sister says:

    Saturday and Sunday there were four different areas in Atlatic where whales beached themselves and died. Could it be part of this tension? Especially this new 7.6 in Costa Rica?


  14. romalynn says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated here. I watch each morning to see on the news, then am on the PC checking this out as well. Get much more info on here. The creation is groaning as are the believers in Jesus Christ. He will return and I pray it is soon.


  15. Irene C says:

    Well, like others have said, we have five very active regions: U.S. West Coast, Caribbean, Alaska, Philippines, and Indonesia. I’m still waiting for New Madrid, which has been quiet lately.


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